The Forrester Total Economic Impact Report for Clari’s Revenue Platform

Discover how Clari can align revenue-critical teams and processes to deliver revenue precision and a 448% ROI.

Leading companies are adopting a revenue framework beyond the Sales team to include Marketing, Customer Success, Support, and Finance. These revenue-critical organizations require real-time, centralized data to ensure alignment around goals and measuring success.

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Running the End-to-End Revenue Process

The Clari Revenue Platform provides the enterprise system of record for the most important business process: revenue.

Clari’s Revenue Platform connects all revenue-critical people, processes, and systems to drive a breakthrough in revenue precision.

This Forrester study reports that interviewed organizations experienced:
  • Improved forecast accuracy and precision.
  • Increased revenue team productivity, alignment, and collaboration.
  • Standardized and scaled revenue-critical processes.
  • Optimized investment strategy.
  • Grew annual revenue.

A Look Inside the Report

Read the full study to better understand the benefits Forrester discovered in their interview five organizations currently using Clari and their aggregated results which include 90% less time spent on forecasting and related activities, increased incremental opportunities won by 10%, improved revenue leak cost savings by 5-10%, improved forecasting to be within <5% accuracy, and more.

*"The Forrester Total Economic Impact Report for Clari Revenue Platform," a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Clari.