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Introducing Smart Battlecards, Powered by RevGPT™

Most enablement teams have a stellar library of enablement materials. The #1 challenge? Sellers don’t actually use it. But how can you run revenue without consistent messaging and accurate objection handling? (Spoiler alert: You can’t.)

That’s why we created Smart Battlecards. Instantly transform long-form enablement content into digestible bullet point cue cards that sellers can use on every call, in real time. Save your enablement team hours of creating content that’ll go to waste, and leave your sellers feeling empowered to handle every sales challenge with ease. 

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We’re partnering with Highspot to bring this to life, so you can easily feed Wingman your existing Highspot content. Or any other documentation your team currently uses!

Take advantage of every revenue-critical moment today with Smart Battlecards in Wingman.

Wingman will boost your sales performance in three ways

Move deals forward
Move deals forward

Reps get real time cues and battle cards to overcome even the hardest-hitting objections.

Coach at scale
Coach at scale

Managers get alerted for high-impact coaching moments that define deal outcomes, like pricing hurdles, competitor mentions, and more.

Replicate winning behavior
Replicate winning behavior

Execs get insurance that their strategic initiatives are being used, like standardized sales processes, messaging messaging, and methodology adoption.

High-stakes conversations make or break your quarter

Your success depends on how your team responds in revenue-critical moments.

Use Wingman to hit your number, no matter what.

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Wingman helps pinpoint exactly where any deal is in the pipeline. This saves hours each week, improves forecast accuracy and helps us train our growing and now remote sales forc

Kevin Clark
VP, Sales, Synup

Wingman is great for employee training. I really like the analytics and the general interface. But what really makes Wingman amazing is the real-time coaching ability!
Ben Green
VP Operations, Oktopost

Wingman helps us really understand our customers. Be it for fine-tuning product features or doing internal research, Wingman gives us a fountain of impactful customer insights to use.
Matthew Johnson
Senior Product Manager, Panther Labs