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Clari Revenue Platform Helps Drive WEKA’s Business Decisions With Precision

WEKA is a data-driven company, purpose built to effectively manage data in the Cloud and AI era. They needed to manage their revenue worldwide, so they partnered with Clari to implement a purpose-built Revenue Platform to inform their global strategy and act as a leading indicator for revenue decisions. “Clari analytics are driving business decisions in ways beyond forecasting,” says Sean Hiss, VP GTM Operations.


Despite recent macroeconomic headwinds, WEKA is experiencing rapid revenue growth and recently completed a $135 million Series D round of funding. With the sales team growing 4x in 2022, WEKA needed to mature its revenue processes to meet the hyper-growth stage. “We knew we needed to focus on forecasting accuracy to help us better predict the business, so we can continue to allocate our people and programs accurately for business growth,” says Hiss.


WEKA adopted Clari to provide additional visibility into the business and invest in their team to help them be more successful. “There’s a lot of credibility with Clari in the market,” says Hiss. “Clari helps instill confidence in the operating plan when talking to investors and the board.” Leadership relies on Clari for informed decision-making. The CRO and President are in Clari “all the time” to review indicators such as engagement and CRM scores.

"I’m in Clari every day. Being in Revenue Operations, I’ve always begun every day by opening my Salesforce dashboard. Now I do it in Clari."

Sean Hiss
VP GTM Operations, WEKA

Achieving Revenue Precision with Clari:

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More than forecasting: a complete end-to-end revenue process

WEKA uses Clari for much more than forecasting. They rely on Clari for managing our daily business all the way through our internal QBRs, reporting to the board of directors, and compiling data for their latest round of funding. “The data visibility and insights we get from Clari helps us manage against leading and lagging indicators even during our current global economic headwinds,” says Hiss.

One of the biggest ways WEKA has realized value with the Clari Revenue Platform is that it removes uncertainty about data hygiene. “We’re not spending time on the number—we’re spending time on what the number means to us. I want my executive team to spend their time on the so what.”

A simplified user experience across the business

Adopting Clari provided the opportunity to have a shared definition of probability and remove emotion from the selling equation. Multiple departments rely on Clari to speak the same language when running revenue. In addition to the sales team, sales engineers also use Clari in partnership with AEs to enhance the sales cycle.

During their recent Series D funding round, Clari helped give true and accurate answers with a consistent data set across multiple stakeholders, “no matter whether the question was going to the CFO, CEO, President, or Chairman of the Board,” says Hiss. “It took a lot of drama and stress out of the process of fundraising.”

When WEKA recently shifted from a TCV to an ARR model, Clari provided value in the form of a shared taxonomy. “Clari allowed us to build a very tangible bridge between TCV to ARR in the business and have pointed conversations about the difference,” says Hiss.

Minimizing revenue leak through productivity and visibility

Rather than adding data in Salesforce, spreadsheets, or locally saved in notes, the sales team can have everything automated in one place with only one touchpoint. “Autocapture is definitely a productivity enhancer for us,” says Hiss. Bringing in all of the contacts that the sales teams are working with and having them associated with the opportunity saves time and eliminates errors.

With the additional visibility and productivity enhancements, Clari helps WEKA minimize revenue leak, or breakdowns in the revenue process that have been earned but haven’t yet been captured. “Clari helps us minimize revenue leak by spotlighting issues like deal slippage and informing where we should put in effort to enable our sellers to be as successful as they can,” says Hiss.

“You guys are actually invested in our success,” says Hiss. “I feel there’s a true partnership here, and I wish all of my vendors were as customer-first as Clari. You’re the gold standard of vendor relationships in terms of being in it together and making sure your customers are successful.”

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