Case Study
How Webflow used Clari to better spot revenue leak and increase win rates 19%

Meet Kai Mak, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Webflow responsible for new logo acquisition, expansion and customer retention. His ambition for the Webflow sales team is to set a new standard for all PLG companies in the future, by demonstrating how to successfully layer on a sales team into a PLG company where 1+1 = 10.

His biggest challenge isn’t just hitting his revenue target — it’s getting Sales and Customer Success to work together to sell to new business units within existing accounts during renewals.

In a pre-Clari world, this was no easy task. The team needed a way for the business to communicate effectively, ensure forecast accuracy, and run revenue like a process.
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Challenge: Forecasting in Spreadsheets Was Not the Answer.


That’s how Kelcie Stokes, Webflow’s Senior Manager of Revenue Operations, answered the question, “What was life like before Clari?”

We didn’t have a platform to make the forecasting process easier and more efficient.”

“We were really just scraping Salesforce and dropping that information into a spreadsheet,” Kai added.

As you can imagine, this “process” (quotes intentional):
  • Was very manual (read, frustrating)
  • Took way too much time (read, slow)
  • Was not scalable (read, not scalable)

Even worse, pipeline (or revenue) leak was “nearly impossible” to identify—let alone appropriately attribute—by just relying on Salesforce.

Their current and future pipeline health proved quite tricky to track accurately with only the Salesforce-spreadsheet combo.

Something had to give if they wanted to achieve predictable revenue precision.

Solution: Bridging the Relationship Gap with Clari

Kai did his homework. He was intent on finding a way to run revenue in a scalable way.

He reached out to other sales leaders—trusted friends, and colleagues—seeking advice. In the end, Kai was convinced that Clari was “the easiest and best” solution for Webflow.

Luckily, Clari didn’t disappoint.

Clari almost instantly helped bridge the relationship gap between sales and customer success by ensuring both teams spoke a common language.

Clari helped with both new business (sales) and renewals (customer success).

For Kelcie, she was sold on Autocapture—Clari’s ability to automatically capture every contact and activity throughout the sales cycle and log it back to the CRM.

In addition, Clari’s Account Engagement feature meant Kelcie would be able to really dig into territory penetration with her reps and easily monitor account activity.

The implementation process was smooth: “Our team just got in and got right to work,” said Kelcie. “I loved that we met weekly—working sessions that allowed us to build our instance in real-time.” Bonus: Not a lot of homework!

Adoption was quick: Per Kai, Directors love the ability to see the actual state of the pipeline.

“Compared to a spreadsheet, Clari is lightyears better,” boasted Kelcie. She also said that with Clari’s app, there is “no real excuse NOT to use it.”

Both Kai and Kelcie have received very positive feedback.

And that adoption continues to expand, thanks to team growth and more stakeholders taking notice. The CEO, COO, and VP of Finance have all recently asked for access to Clari.

"Clari provides pipeline generation in a repeatable format. This extra layer of visibility has helped anchor a lot of conversations at the leadership level."

Kai Mak
VP of Sales and Customer Success

Results: More Visibility. Better Data Hygiene. Less Revenue Leak.

Thanks to Clari, Webflow can now spot revenue leak better than ever.

With Clari, Kai and his team have added visibility and clarity into deal slippage.

Other Clari features and functionality Kai and Kelcie find most valuable include:

Kai really loves how Clari provides “pipeline generation in a repeatable format.” As a result, he can easily see the week-over-week delta and which teams are doing better than others. This extra layer of visibility has “helped anchor a lot of conversations at the leadership level around pipeline conversations.”

Kelcie said it best, “Thanks to Clari, we are no longer living in spreadsheets for forecasting!”

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