Sales teams need to move fast to predictably close business.

So why do half of sales teams have less than 50% of reps achieving quota? Why is it that 9 out of 10 teams miss their forecast by more than 5%?

Join this interactive webinar to hear practical advice from Craig Rosenberg at TOPO on steering your Opportunity-to-Close (OTC) process and removing bottlenecks for all members of the sales organization:

  • How to focus reps so they are chasing the right opportunities
  • How to empower managers for strategically coaching their teams and reducing slippage
  • How to transform forecasting to drive accuracy and exec confidence

We’ll share some intriguing insights from a recent survey of nearly 300 sales professionals and provide a host of actionable ideas so you can set your sales team up for success to end the chasing and close deals faster!

Bryan Yeung

Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Clari

Craig Rosenberg

Co-Founder and Chief Analyst, TOPO

Dave Karel
CMO, Clari

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