The Ultimate Guide to Forecasting Confidence

The 4 Steps to Accurately Call Your Number in Week 1

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You called your revenue number for the quarter and blew it out of the water — that’s a huge win, right? Think again. The ability to predict revenue outcomes is more important than ever. Call your number too low and you lose out on opportunities to grow. Call your number too high and you'll find your team scrambling at the end of the quarter to hit it.

Accurate forecasting sets the pulse for the entire company’s operating plan, and how it invests and grows. In this eBook you'll learn:
  • How to drive predictable revenue
  • The impacts of missing your forecast
  • 3 critical forecasting signals that improve accuracy
  • Tips on inspecting current and out-quarter pipeline
  • How to conduct data-driven 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Ways to mobilize the entire revenue team