Case Study
Tipalti Empowers Data-Driven One-on-Ones, Faster Rep Ramp Time with Revenue Intelligence

Tipalti is a global leader in payment automation technology, modernizing the full accounts payable process.
Tipalti’s success serving over 2,000 customers drove continued expansion into new EMEA markets. That expansion demanded enhanced sales execution and forecasting processes. To succeed in new geographies and meet rising expectations, Tipalti needed to double their sales team, quickly.

Tipalti’s new reps had to hit the ground running, which required a standardized sales process backed by easy-to-use, intelligent technology. Tipalti’s leaders also needed to bring reliable data and insights into every sales conversation, including one-on-ones between reps and managers. Tipalti partnered with Clari to empower rep performance from day one on the job.


  • One-on-one meetings focused on surface-level status updates, rather than strategic next steps.
  • Manual data entry, thus difficulty measuring rep performance without fully accurate activity data.
  • Variable performance from rep to rep, due to lack of reliable data about which deals to focus on for desired outcomes.


  • Deliver real-time data insights to managers and reps, empowering more informed coaching and smarter sales actions.
  • Automate activity capture, allowing reps and managers to spend more time on engagements that close deals.
  • Boost performance across all reps by using data to prioritize opportunities that will make the biggest business impact.
I used to dream of a revenue process that didn’t rely on spreadsheets. With Clari, Tipalti gets that and more, including next-level insights into rep activity like meetings and emails. Now my dream is reality.

April Larsen
Vice President, Sales Excellence, Tipalti

How Tipalti Partners with Clari to Optimize Sales Rep Performance

Establish data-driven one-on-ones as the norm

Tipalti integrates revenue intelligence throughout their revenue operating cadence, down to one-on-one meetings.

With Clari, meetings between managers and reps shift from reporting the news to formulating strategic next steps, based on accurate, real-time data. Clari empowers managers at Tipalti with concrete performance data, so they can collaborate with reps to keep deals on track, pivot as needed, deliver measurable value, and achieve their revenue targets.

Leverage deal activity insights for smarter decisions

Tipalti needed technology that delivers real-time data and insights into buyer engagement and behaviors, critical for accelerating deals and powering better revenue outcomes.

Tipalti tracks deal progression in Clari to gain deeper intelligence into the types and number of engagements occurring for each deal.

Clari empowers managers with both the qualitative and quantitative data they need, so they can stop guessing and start knowing.

Align around one consistent revenue process

Keeping your revenue team on the same page demands a repeatable process. For a hyper-growth company like Tipalti, consistency is crucial.

Tipalti harnesses Clari’s platform to reduce variability and standardize the revenue process across the board, ensuring that every rep is following the same methodology, forecasting, and pipeline inspection processes.

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