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From spreadsheets to Clari: How Singular Genomics saved hours each day

The genomics industry is an innovative and rapidly evolving sector that focuses on analyzing and understanding the complete set of DNA within an organism, also known as its genome.

Singular Genomics is a biotechnology company that builds and sells products that “empower researchers and clinicians” to better understand genomics.

Like many pre-Clari companies, Singular was burdened by spreadsheets. “Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets ... and more spreadsheets.”

“That’s how we used to run forecasting in my previous role,” said Jonathan Slasinski, Head of Commercial Training & Education at Singular Genomics. “Spreadsheets. It was, to say the least, untenable.”

Jonathan and his colleague, Sales Executive Tiffany Kanagawa, started using Clari and immediately realized its value. Singular Genomics has been able to:

  • Save time
  • Effectively manage longer sales cycles
  • Spread the Clari love to other teams

Singular Genomics is part of a fast-growing sector — biotech — adopting Clari.

Save time: No more “clicking around” in multiple apps

Lots of organizations* manage their sales pipeline in Salesforce + spreadsheets. Yet, as Jonathan says, “There are often a lot of holes (like next steps) and a ton of manual entry. The onus, unfortunately, falls on the reps.

*Those who have not discovered Clari yet

“With Clari,” says Jonathan, “everything is in one place versus ‘20 clicks in Salesforce’ or having to dig into a spreadsheet manually. Clari is just so efficient.”

Tiffany agrees: “Clari really makes it easy to update all opportunities in one view. With Salesforce, it takes more clicks, more tabs, more ... time, and more effort. It used to take me 45 minutes — all opportunity tabs open — to update Salesforce. With Clari, I can click on a box and update quickly. Clari has drastically cut down on time updating fields, at least 10 times faster.”

Bonus: With Clari, there is no need to run multiple reports. You don’t need a Salesforce admin to build out custom reports. There is no sales operations manager dedicating hours (sometimes days) to pull from the three-headed hydra of Salesforce + BI tools + spreadsheets. “I love using Groups in Clari, which makes it incredibly easy to figure out what opportunities I want to focus on each day,” shares Tiffany. “The beauty of using Groups is that you can layer multiple Groups to sort opportunities akin to complex custom Salesforce reports.”

All of this saved time is essential to optimizing revenue. After all, as the Head of Commercial Training & Education, a function of Jonathan's job is to ensure sales reps can maximize their time, are more efficient, and do not waste any time or effort on non-revenue activities.

“There is nothing easier than Clari when it comes to updating opportunities.”

With Clari, everything is in one place versus ‘20 clicks in Salesforce’ or having to dig into a spreadsheet manually. Clari is just so efficient.

Jonathan Slasinski
Head of Commercial Training and Education

Manage long sales cycles with ease

Singular sells “capital equipment.” Specifically, a product called G4, a benchtop sequencing platform, and (coming soon) PX, an integrated spatial multi-omics and sequencing platform with single-cell resolution.

As with many hardware sales companies like Singular Genomics, these large, sophisticated pieces of hardware require a long sales cycle – 6 months minimum, often 9-12 months.

The challenges of 6+ month cycles are plentiful:

  • An incredible amount of data and many relationships to manage
  • An increased need for accurate views of opportunity health to correctly forecast
  • The importance of transparent and efficient coordination between teams — sales, customer success, and customers

Yet, Jonathan has “never seen a platform where you can manage your sales data and relationship with ease ... likeyou can with Clari.”

According to Jonathan, Clari is critical to managing these longer cycles. Specifically in three areas:

  1. Sales data management: Having the correct contact and accurate activity information is essential. “It’s all so easy with Clari – easy to engage with opportunities and deals. Easy to update records. Easy to add notes. Easy to include next steps. It’s all very, well, easy.”
  2. Opportunity views (high-level and deep dive): “What do I have this quarter? How about next quarter? What do I have in this quarter in this stage? This filtering ability is key to reducing clutter and noise. Clari helps our team inspect the pipeline and also to plan and determine the best structure for our day, our week. Can we do some of this in Salesforce? Sure, but it’s click after click after click (after click).”
  3. Forecasting: “Clari ensures we easily get a solid, reliable forecast at the end of every week.”

But Clari is not just for sales.

Spreading the Clari love to other teams

While we’ve shared much about how Singular’s sales reps use Clari, many other teams can take advantage of the platform — specifically the Finance team and the C-Suite.

Jonathan created Clari dashboards for the finance team and executive leadership so they can “see what matters most in their world” — the numbers. Opportunities. Pipeline. What to expect and when to expect it.

These dashboards, per Jonathan, were “eye-opening” to the finance team. Moreover, they answered all the team's questions in a “nice, easy-to-understand format.”

Questions such as:

  • How many opportunities are there this quarter? Next quarter? How does that number compare to previous quarters?
  • What is the value of opportunities identified as commit? How accurate has this number been historically?
  • What is the expected timeframe in which these deals are expected to close?

Jonathan also loves how simple the dashboards are to customize. As I shared, “I can tweak the dashboards however they want.”

Bonus: Finance loves the Pulse view, too – where Singular is today and where they expect to finish.

Clari’s versatility

“Clari has really simplified all of our processes,” said Jonathan. “We can easily see all deals, what we are going to call, what we are not going to call, and what’s at risk. I can also deep dive into those deals during one-on-ones.”

Jonathan summed it up best: “Clari has saved us enormous time. It's just fantastic to look at and dissect your pipeline activity currently or next quarter or the quarter after."
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