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See how Secure Code Warrior Achieved Revenue Precision and Operational Rigor with Clari and Copilot

“Within our first quarter of using Clari, we saw improvement in forecast accuracy – within 10% of what we called.”
Secure Code Warrior, headquartered in Australia, builds a culture of security-driven developers by giving them the skills to code securely. Their flagship Learning Platform delivers tools for developers to rapidly learn, build, and apply their skills to write secure code at speed. Secure Code Warrior adopted Clari to provide visibility into their revenue process across a globally distributed team.


Secure Code Warrior sought to upgrade their revenue process from a disjointed combination of spreadsheets and CRM. “We needed a more cohesive and efficient way to run our revenue forecasts for Sales, CS, and Renewals,” says Stephanie Martin, Global VP of Revenue Operations. “You can’t inspect deals at a granular level. You don’t get indicators of how well an opportunity is trending. I used Salesforce as little as possible to record a number, but it wasn't helpful in understanding how likely or unlikely it was that we were going to actually hit the number.” They sought to achieve revenue precision – the full, predictable, and repeatable capture of revenue.


Both CSO David McKeough and Stephanie had used Clari at previous companies, and knew they wanted to bring it into Secure Code Warrior. “How do I make an operational situation ideal for sellers and craft an ideal seller experience? I’ve seen sellers quit because Revenue Operations made their work too complicated and burdensome. Sellers need to spend their valuable time on core selling activities, not on administrative work.” says Martin. “It’s important to me to run Operations in a way that is catered to the seller experience by providing intuitive platforms that give them time and don’t require a lot of overhead. I want to provide that experience while at the same time having the sophistication to provide intelligence to the business, and Clari solves that.”

"Trying to manage a lot of different vendors in our stack makes it harder to keep track of them all. Having the opportunity to integrate Copilot into Clari in the future creates simplicity in our entire revenue process."

Stephanie Martin
VP of Revenue Operations

Achieving Revenue Precision with Clari

Efficient resourcing and immediate time to value

The implementation process for Secure Code Warrior was smooth and required minimal lift from the Operations team to get up and running. “I was really happy with the implementation process. I don’t have a very big team, and the Clari implementation team really kept us on track and enabled us to meet our go-live commitment. The value was immediate,” says Martin. “Within our first quarter of using Clari, we saw improvement in forecast accuracy – within 10% of what we called. Greater accuracy is instilling a higher level of rigor within the business.”

Clari helped reduce the need for additional headcount by providing support to the sales team that would otherwise be hands-on. “I never have enough people on my team to do everything, so having a platform that acts like a person or two is really helpful. Rather than having an Ops person sitting in EMEA or AMER doing analyst work, field teams can get what they need self-service.” Global senior leadership has visibility into the forecast to achieve a consistent operating rhythm, despite distribution on two different continents.

Easy visibility into rep activity

“Sales managers love Clari. It sheds light on a lot of things for them, and they embrace it after seeing value right away,” says Martin. “It’s a huge time saver for keeping everything in order. When reps are out in the field, using the mobile app to update opportunities saves a ton of time as opposed to logging into Salesforce to open each opportunity, make updates, and try to find reports that work for what I’m trying to see.” Martin finds that Clari is more intuitive to use than spreadsheets or trying to forecast in Salesforce. With Salesforce, deals can’t be inspected at a granular level, or indicators of how an opportunity is trending. “Reps call their number in minutes instead of hours,” says Martin.

Additionally, with real-time updates to the forecast, any possible objections are removed about updating opportunities. Instead, the team can jump right into the conversation about the deals themselves at forecast meetings.

Mitigating revenue leak by strengthening CS and Sales partnerships

“We are always concerned about revenue leak,” says Martin. They’ve dealt with revenue leakage from challenges on quoting and discounting. The sales team at Secure Code Warrior is leading the adoption of Clari’s forecasting, and they’ll soon be managing their renewals and Customer Success business in Clari as well. Their Customer Success team is adopting Clari to share their insights about customer health and expansion. “Expanding collaboration between Customer Success and Sales will help the teams collaborate better on expansion opportunities and mitigate churn risk,” says Martin.

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