Sales Leadership Lessons Ebook

From Carl Eschenbach, Former COO of VMware

As sales leaders, you play an instrumental role in your company. Your ability to lead your team, and your team’s ability to execute and deliver drive the success of the entire organization. In growing and running large sales teams, the relationship between Sales and Sales Ops is absolutely critical to sales team success—which ultimately results in more company success.

A successful sales forecast is the combination of people, process, and technology. For this ebook, we researched and compiled the best suggestions from our customers. Follow Carl Eschenbach, former COO of VMware, in a step-by-step approach to sales forecasting that will set up your organization to achieve greater efficiency and earn more revenue.

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About Carl Eschenbach

Carl is a partner at Sequoia, where he focuses on infrastructure technologies. He has 30 years of high-tech experience including infrastructure software, networking, and storage. Prior to Sequoia, he was President & COO of VMware, where he helped grow the company from $31M to $7B.