Improve Win Rates Through Sales Engineering Alignment

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Leveraging sales engineering resources when selling is critical to driving consistent, scalable revenue.

Unfortunately, technical sales teams often lack complete visibility into sales pipeline and activity, which can result in misalignment and inefficient team resourcing.

Join our exclusive customer roundtable on Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. PT hosted by Clari’s Brian Cody, Director of Global Sales Engineering, and Josh Aranoff, VP of Global Solutions Engineering at Procore Technologies, as they chat with sales engineering leaders about how they drive alignment and have established best practices in their own practices.

See how organizations leverage Clari across technical sales teams to:
  • Share a source of truth to run more data-driven coordinated motions
  • Accurately prioritize deals where technical support will likely lead to new business
  • Stay steps ahead of resourcing needs with predictive insights
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