The Revenue Cadence Builder Checklist

Turn your cadence into a reality
Use this step-by-step checklist to move your cadence from a slide deck to your calendar and start working in real-time.

Revenue Cadence Checklist

Maximize your revenue potential by turning your cadence into reality.

Here’s how to use the checklist:

How to organize your squad, 1:1s, rollups, and global meetings 

The #1 tip to quantify your current cadence

A template for calculating hrs per month for each revenue leader

A step-by-step on how to prioritize revenue moments that matter

How to share visibility into your cadence cross-functionally

How to take leadership onboarding to the next level by having new cadences on the calendar

A fill-in-the-blank spreadsheet to build out your cross-functional cadence

When and how to set up global meetings using leadership availability 

How to poll your leadership for recurring meetings and who’s at what meeting


Start by using this checklist today.

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