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How to Prevent Revenue Leak and Retain Customers in an Economic Downturn

Hear Drew Hill, Enterprise Account Management at Clari, and Kevin McKeown, Revenue Leader and Former SVP, Global Sales at Mailgun, discuss how to align cross-functional teams to protect the customer base and achieve growth targets.
Driving revenue growth typically comes from one of two sales motions: acquisition of net-new customers or growth within existing customer accounts.

These motions are oftentimes managed through different teams, processes, and systems, resulting in a lack of visibility into account and forecast details, inefficient handoffs, and a lack of cross-functional collaboration, which causes revenue leak.

During uncertain times, every drop of revenue matters, and it is critical to drive revenue precision and keep renewals and expansions on track.

Discover how to give your entire revenue team—from sales reps to account managers to customer success managers—full visibility into account details to accurately forecast their businesses and achieve revenue precision.
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