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Unlocking the next phase of growth: How Clari + Copilot is helping Pattern obtain revenue precision

In May 2022, Pattern’s sales team had almost doubled from the prior year. Sales Operations was being handled as a side job across multiple executives who realized that a focus on operations would be critical to sustainably scale the team and fuel growth.

John Queally was hired as the Head of Sales Ops and saw a huge opportunity in front of him.

Pattern is the leading global ecommerce accelerator—helping companies grow faster, protect their brand, and sell on hundreds of online marketplaces, direct-to-consumer (D2C) sites, and other digital channels in more than 60 countries.

His first action item? Determine which data was the source of truth. Sure, the team used Salesforce, but everyone used it differently. As a result, there was a ton of manual work and everyone had a slightly different view of the business.

One of Pattern’s core values is Data Fanaticism. To make more accurate data-driven decisions and scale the business, there was buy-in from leadership to invest in tools and cultural change to increase the data quality.

To accelerate revenue growth and unlock the next stage, Pattern needed a unified revenue platform to achieve precision.

Some team members were cautious in looking at another sales platform, including Pattern’s CRO. “I was initially skeptical that yet another tool could tear me away from the day-to-day workflow and reporting that I’ve been glued to in Salesforce for years,” admitted John LeBaron, Pattern’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Clari has blown me away. Nearly every report, dashboard, and funnel review now happens within the platform. The integrations are seamless and the interactivity makes it a no-brainer for reps and leadership alike.”


Challenge: Lack of sales funnel, pipeline, and forecasting visibility (and accuracy)

As a $2B+ company—helping brands sell into 60+ countries worldwide, with household-named clients such as Converse, Stance, and Panasonic—Pattern needed greater visibility and accuracy into its sales funnel, pipeline, and forecasting model to unlock their next phase of growth.

Until this need was solved, Pattern was limited in its pursuit of the ultimate goal: continuing to work with more global brands.

John went into the platform discovery process with the five goals of RevOps top of mind:

  1. Ensure leadership, managers, and individual reps understood the sales funnel in its entirety
  2. Provide a simple experience for global sales reps to manage their portfolio and update active opportunities
  3. Establish standardized reporting across the sales team to replace ad hoc, distributed reporting
  4. Remove the sales minutia so reps can focus on what they do best...selling
  5. Launch a data driven forecasting process

Spoiler alert: Clari was the answer for all. More on that in a minute.

Solution: Clari, aka “RevOps out of the box”

As the person in charge of the sales tech stack at Pattern, John felt like they were paying way too much for Gong, only to use it for call recording. John saw that Pattern could replace Gong with Copilot without losing functionality – and gaining added value with the Clari Revenue Platform.

“When Clari acquired Copilot, we saw that we could get RevOps out of the box,” says John Q.

Despite budget constraints, John found (and fought for) budget that didn’t really exist to make sure Clari became reality.


First, Clari made sales reps’ lives easier on Day 1—easier to manage outputs, specifically giving reps a simple (and searchable) way to ensure up-to-date opportunity books.

Second, Clari provided the executive team with “an easy-to-consume way to view sales data and make data-driven decisions.”

Sales leaders have historically been ingrained into scattered Salesforce reports. Even worse? The reports were almost always either outdated or dead wrong. “So many Salesforce reports were providing conflicting information,” said John. These same sales leaders tried several other ways to show the sales data, but no matter what they tried, they were consistently defaulting back to “not so great” Salesforce reports.

Now: All Clari. All the time.

“We just have more confidence in the numbers. The ability to clean out the ‘legacy junk’ in the pipeline has been tremendous. It provides us much better quality further down in the funnel.”

Thanks to Clari, Pattern reps could answer questions such as: “How did my pipeline evolve from 30/60/90 days ago till now?” Clari can give that precise lens into how and why things have changed.

In John’s words, “You could hire an entire team of analysts or buy Clari.”

Bonus: They can also now “slice and dice” by region, making the team far more responsive to questions than previously.

"When Clari acquired Copilot, we saw that we could get RevOps out of the box."

John Queally
Head of Sales Operations, Pattern

Results: In “training the AI” mode

As mentioned, before Clari, nearly the entire sales focus was on the bottom of the funnel.

Now: Clari is helping Pattern understand the top and middle of the sales funnel, which will “absolutely impact the accuracy of our forecast,” says John.

Implementation was quick and easy. “I had faith in Clari because I’ve used it in the past. When we decided to transition from Gong to Copilot, we wanted to make sure that all of our bases would be covered with functionality,” said John. “We wanted to move quickly and didn’t want a month-long lag in call data. We were able to implement Copilot within a week. Adding Clari was seamless.”

What’s next?

More and more teams are beginning to take advantage of all that Clari offers. Reps who had not used Clari before have told John, “This is exactly what I need to have a constructive, holistic conversation with my sales manager.”

But Clari's usage goes beyond reps 1-on-1s, QBRs, etc.

Sales Directors are big-time advocates, such as Scott Chandler, Head of Strategic Partnerships. "Clari has made a huge difference in working with my team,” says Scott. “Not having to manipulate Salesforce reporting to pull the insights I'm looking for to manage my team saves me a ton of time. I also love having the ability to make updates to opportunities for my entire team in one spot."

John is excited about what Autocapture can bring, specifically, a demonstrable impact on marketing—helping the team understand which activities impact campaigns through a much more transparent lens.

“Sales data is always a struggle,” says John, “but we love how Clari provides transparency in the sales data, starting with reps themselves. Clari empowers us to start with more accurate data, forecast better, AND to take action.”

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