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With Clari, Paradox Has Information Transparency from Frontline to CRO

Paradox is on a mission to give everyone an assistant to get recruiting work done. As the makers of AI digital assistants, they’re experts in saving time and working efficiently. When their sales team quadrupled in 2022, their rapid growth led them to Clari’s Revenue Platform. They needed to get better visibility into their revenue motion and onboard new team members quickly.


Prior to Clari, forecasting was a guess. Paradox evaluated several solutions, and Clari came on top thanks to its intuitive AI and accurate projections. Compared to Gong, Clari’s UI provides better data visibility and is easy to use. Clari has helped Paradox define a clear forecasting methodology and process that relies on solid data—enabling the team to run revenue with precision, as a predictable, repeatable process.


With Clari, Paradox has saved time and exceeded ROI. Their ability to call their number with confidence has made reporting easy and gained trust from the board and investors. “Ease of use and the ability to see everything all in one place was really incredible for us,” says Dianne Kleber, VP of Sales Enablement at Paradox. “It creates a framework for a process we didn’t have before, with information transparency from frontline to CRO.”


"Clari isn’t only my favorite platform sitting in Sales Enablement, but it’s also our CRO and CFO’s favorite resource. Our CFO tells everyone about how it’s changed his life. It’s moved us light years ahead."

Dianne Kleber
VP of Sales Enablement, Paradox


More effective sales team coaching

Managers love Clari because it allows them to forecast more accurately and help their team focus on the right deals. “The platform has allowed us to create processes and coaching where we didn’t have a framework with Salesforce alone. It gives managers a much more effective inspection workflow of their pipeline in a single pane of glass.”

From whiteboard to funnel

“Prior to Clari, we sat in a meeting in front of whiteboards trying to figure out our conversion rate at different stages in the pipeline,” says Kleber. “We questioned the accuracy of everything trying to sort through spreadsheets. Through Clari’s funnel view, we can slice and dice it anyway we want with faith in the data.”

Clari experts help build value

For Kleber, the implementation experience was ‘almost too good to be true’ for easy integration into Paradox’s existing systems. Clari’s Customer Success team has built a trusted partnership by helping Paradox find value in ways they hadn’t considered, like creating dashboards for pipeline hygiene and renewals.

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