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How Nutanix Saves Time and Improves Accuracy With Clari Insights

Nutanix delivers web-scale IT infrastructure to enterprises with its software-driven Virtual Computing Platform, natively converging compute and storage into a single solution to drive unprecedented simplicity in the data center.


Nutanix was facing major sales obstacles - low visibility into deals, time-consuming data entry, and poor forecast quality was limiting the teams’ potential. As the company grew rapidly, scaling the sales team to meet market demands was a challenge, and the rapidly growing team faced low adoption of sales best practices. Nutanix adopted Clari and saw immediate improvement to sales rep productivity and CRM data quality, with consistency across the organization.


Nutanix sales professionals are using Clari to track, manage, and close deals faster while in the field and report an average of 2-3 hours saved on CRM data entry per week. The preliminary time savings and benefits have enabled Nutanix to reallocate 9,000 hours of data entry time to selling activities.
“In Clari, we found a tool that improves sales productivity in the field, and gives our sales managers additional visibility into deals. This is helping our sales team drive revenue while simultaneously increasing the quality of data we capture into our CRM.

Sudheesh Nair
CEO, Nutanix

Scaling With Intelligent Pipeline Management

Clari delivers all critical information about Nutanix prospects to mobile devices, simplifying the way teams sell, improving decisions, increasing productivity, and increasing win rates. Clari provides extraordinary visibility into deal progression, allowing management to drive more business and increase forecast accuracy. Clari data science also delivers unprecedented insight into which sales approaches, tools, and even which Nutanix sales reps are most effective.

“With Clari, our sales reps have a mobile, easy-to-use window into all their enterprise data sources with content organized around the two things that matter most: deals and their relationships,” says Nair. “Clari makes it easy to slice, dice, and act on the critical deals that require their attention, allowing them to handle more customer requests and close deals faster.”


Results of an internal Nutanix survey of sales reps show Clari is the first sales tool to provide instant, day-one productivity improvements. “[Clari] is one of the few tools Nutanix sales teams clamor for,” says Nair.

Clari has helped Nutanix:

  • Reduce CRM data entry time by anywhere from 30 to 50 percent
  • Increase selling time by 15 to 25 percent
  • Increase productivity by reallocating 9,000 hours of data entry time to selling activities
  • Increase sales capacity to close deals faster and drive more revenue
  • Improved sales execution turning insight into action, Clari arms reps with Nutanix best practices for their most important deals
  • Increase forecast accuracy by knowing more about which deals are moving, and which aren’t, sales managers can better coach reps and forecast revenue.
Looking forward, the only way we can continue this growth is by making smart decisions and flawless execution. Clari is going to be instrumental in helping us do this.

Rickie Goyal
VP, Sales Operations, Nutanix

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