Case Study
Predictable Revenue Fuels 275% Growth at Motus

Motus is the definitive leader in reimbursement solutions for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces.

In the span of one month, Motus was purchased under the Thoma Bravo portfolio, acquired its biggest competitor, and grew from a $20M to $80M business overnight. With a $1M increase in weekly pipeline, and teams working in siloed processes, Motus brought in Clari to harmonize the newly combined organizations under a unified revenue process to improve time to capture new business in the $2B fleet market.


CRM was viewed as a roadblock, with too much manual data entry required and little value in return for sellers.

Inconsistent sales practices and intuition-based decisions resulted in unpredictable forecasts.

Silos across sales and marketing made it difficult to know which pipeline generating activities to focus on.


Streamline processes to minimize data entry and give reps more time to sell.

Create consistent sales motions to drive more predictable revenue outcomes.

Operate as one GTM team and identify key growth areas to build new pipeline.

"We never had the objective data to determine the true close likelihood. Now, commit numbers are based on a factual and less emotional sales process."

Dillon Blake
Director of Sales Operations

Life with Clari

10% increase in conversion rates and 15% decrease in cost per deal
With sales and marketing aligned, marketing can see which accounts need nurturing and re-engage with programs to optimize account penetration.

3X average pipeline coverage at the start of each quarter:
A holistic view of potential deals hold reps accountable to build future quarter pipeline.

Improved forecast accuracy landing within 1% of Clari’s week 2 projection for 6+ quarters:
Clari’s AI-based insights help Motus confidently identify how revenue goals will be achieved and impact sales outcomes earlier in the quarter.

10% more selling time per week with less time updating CRM:
Sales activity automatically captured from CRM, email, and calendar gives reps more time to focus on deal execution vs data entry.

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