Case Study
MasterControl Turns the Art of Forecasting into Predictable, Repeatable Science

MasterControl, a leader in compliance and quality assurance software for the life sciences industry, wanted to mature its revenue processes and develop a predictable, repeatable motion. With a globally distributed team and varying degrees of sales experience, they needed to unite the sales function and develop consistency and accountability for the entire organization. They found a partner in Clari’s Revenue Platform, which helped drive accountability and turn the art of forecasting into science.


MasterControl’s sales team includes a mix of new team members and 20-year veterans—with two different approaches to the sales process that needed consistency. The team had varying expectations around pipeline and Salesforce stages, plus 40% accuracy on a hot list that should have been guaranteed wins. On top of that, their sales team is spread across several continents, driving the need for a clear, consolidated view of the revenue process.


Prior to Clari, MasterControl used a BI tool, but it didn’t allow them to forecast and identify deals. The team had budget to adopt one new platform and debated between Clari and Gong. During the evaluation process, they found Clari was easier to use, provided better deal insights, and was easily accessible. Onboarding was also simplified. Autocapture syncs data simultaneously with Salesforce, easing the burden of adopting a new platform for sales teams.

"I’m a huge fan of Clari. With my role in operations, it gives me a level of insight that drastically changes the conversation I have with sales leadership. It helps me understand what’s going on, and I have much more confidence as I roll up numbers to management. Clari helps me turn the art of forecasting into a science."

Dan Alvey
Director of Sales Operations, MasterControl


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Long term forecasting instead of treading water

Previously, there wasn’t insight into the next quarter. The focus was always on the existing quarter, without looking ahead to the amount of pipeline coming up in future quarters. Clari has enabled the team to proactively plan revenue with clear, forward-looking visibility.

Confidence with investors

Instead of periodic and static updates, the sales team is updating their pipeline continuously as they get additional insights, giving greater accuracy to the forecast. This gives the organization confidence when talking to potential investors.

Speaking one language about revenue across the organization

Clari isn’t just for sales teams—it helps the business talk about revenue across departments. “For both marketing and the company in general, Clari gives us early indications about where we've got to make adjustments and what action to take to hit our targets as an organization.”
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