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League Consolidated Their Tech Stack With Clari’s Revenue Platform

Founded in 2014, League is a platform technology company powering next-generation healthcare consumer experiences. Millions of people use solutions powered by League to access, navigate, and pay for care.
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After 8 years in business, League made the decision to refocus their business – and revamped their revenue operations process from scratch. One of the biggest challenges Tanner was facing was ensuring full rep compliance in adopting a new solution. “Reps were siloed, so when it came to forecasting and predictability, it was nonexistent or living in various spreadsheets,” Tanner said.


With a shift to their target customers and product offerings, they found it was the ideal time to bring predictability and accuracy to forecasting and adopt Clari. Colin Tanner, Revenue Operations Manager, was brought in to help align departments that had previously been siloed – sales, marketing, and operations – and create a streamlined process through the full funnel, from lead to customer. Salesforce alone couldn’t provide the operational rigor League was seeking. "Historical data and predictive AI isn’t in Salesforce. Salesforce can tell you where you’re at now, but doesn’t provide insight into historical trends, conversion rates, and other performance metrics. When we knew we needed a Revenue Platform, we looked at Salesforce Einstein, but ultimately went with Clari for activity capture."

League already had InsightSquared, but didn’t find value in it and decided to look for a new platform. They evaluated Aviso and BoostUp, but ultimately chose Clari because of the established presence in the market, best-in-class UI, and the opportunity to consolidate their tech stack by adopting Copilot, conjoining conversational intelligence with their revenue platform. Giving up their Gong subscription and moving everything to one platform cut costs and simplified their processes.

"A big part of our evaluation was looking for an all-in-one platform that can give us predictive forecasting and account insights. It’s been huge for us from a revenue operations standpoint."

Colin Tanner
Revenue Operations Manager, League

Achieving Revenue Precision With Clari

Simplifying their tech stack

“When we were evaluating our revenue operations overhaul, we asked ourselves – do we have to buy three different solutions or can we just buy one? Clari brings three pieces together under one roof so that when you’re looking at data, you have it all in one spot. Having centralized reporting and metrics is a huge time saver,” says Tanner.

“It’s easier to manage everything all under one roof. I don’t have to ask for support from different customer success teams, and can manage costs better. We’re trying to streamline our tech stack as much as we can.” In addition to cost savings by dropping Gong, they were attracted to Copilot's Battlecard feature for real-time coaching and sales enablement.

Easy, low-lift implementation

Integrating Clari into their revenue operations program was seamless and resource-efficient. “I’ve implemented 15 or 20 solutions in the time I’ve been in RevOps, and this was the smoothest roll out I’ve ever done,” says Tanner. “It was so well structured. You told us from day one it would take 6 weeks, and 6 weeks later we went live. Resource-wise, it was very easy on our end.”

League saw immediate value, along with simplified daily operations. “We saw value within the first two weeks. My manager doesn’t log into Salesforce anymore – he gets everything he needs from Clari,” said Tanner.

“Clari brings years of experience as the founder of the revenue operations category. There’s a lot of platforms bringing in revenue predictability, but Clari created the space. Clari’s training and certifications help me level up my knowledge of not just Clari, but RevOps in general. Combined with a great onboarding and sales experience, I would recommend Clari to anybody.”

“We saw value within the first two weeks. My manager doesn’t log into Salesforce anymore – he gets everything he needs from Clari.”

Colin Tanner
Revenue Operations Manager, League

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