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Kofax Sees Immediate Value with 95+% Forecast Accuracy and Increased Revenue

Kofax builds intelligent automation software to digitally transform complex business processes. Kofax wanted their revenue process to mirror their own products—an elegant, easy-to-use system that improves visibility, efficiency, and accountability. Moving away from cumbersome spreadsheets, Kofax adopted Clari for predictable results and insight into trends with uniform views across the organization.


Prior to Clari, Kofax was running forecasting in spreadsheets. There was no ability to retain historical data and deal progress unless they took screenshots, which lead to disparate visibility and accountability in the revenue process. With Clari, indicators are provided at a glance without digging, saving time with everything at your fingertips.


Kofax saw value immediately after implementing Clari. Within the first quarter, forecast accuracy improved dramatically to within 5%. Everything is visible and readily accessible, including pipeline activity, CRM hygiene, and deal slippage. Clari makes all relevant information available in one dashboard, making forecast calls with AEs very easy. Revenue discussions are much more productive with the entire team aligned.

As Kofax’s revenue operations have evolved, so has Clari. Kofax works closely with Clari’s product teams to request new features and functionality that meet the needs of the business.

"Clari provides the most complete view of my business I’ve ever had available in one place. Being able to talk about the business up and down the organization in a consistent way has given clarity and insight to what I previously couldn’t provide."

John Moore
VP of Sales, Kofax


Smooth, seamless acquisitions
In 2018, Kofax acquired Nuance Document Imaging (NDI) and integrated the two businesses seamlessly into one with the help of Clari. Although the businesses had different deals, metrics, and forecasting needs, Clari was able to help them adapt and merge, allowing them to go to market as one organization faster.

Time saved and stress gone
Forecasting used to take an entire day in spreadsheets. With Clari, the data is ready to go right before a call. Miguel Ramirez, Sr. Business Operations Manager at Kofax, says it’s made his life easier and freed up time for other projects. Ramirez saves a full day of work from every two-week forecast cycle and can trust the data.

Clari Dashboard
With spreadsheets, there’s concern about accuracy when bringing data from multiple systems. The numbers all roll up in Clari, taking away the stress and instilling confidence when putting that data in front of sales leaders.

Eliminates blind spots
“Clari has helped with quite a few blind spots around AE activity, forecast accuracy, and deal-specific activity. It’s easy to see which deals are in the quarter and what sales stage they’re in. With our pipeline, we had no trending activity view before Clari.”
Greg Donohue, VP of Sales, Kofax
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