Case Study
Heap Mitigates Revenue Leak and Consolidates Renewals With Clari

Heap is a digital insights platform that enables fast-moving teams to understand the customer journey and improve the digital experience. In need of a centralized forecast, Heap adopted Clari to provide visibility and gain key insights into the revenue process.


Prior to adopting Clari, Heap used a spreadsheet to track manager forecasts week by week. As a manual solution, it only provided visibility into a limited set of stakeholders and didn’t provide real-time insights into deals. Heap’s revenue operations team wanted to gain additional details into pipeline, health, and analytics. They were also concerned about data hygiene, deal inspection, and automatic updates to specific fields in their system. “A common question from leadership is, what commit deals pushed in the last two weeks of the quarter?” says Stephen Haltom, Senior Manager, Revenue Operations. “That would take a lot of work in Salesforce. In Clari, it’s really simple.”


Haltom spearheaded the search for a Revenue Platform. As a previous user, it was easy to advocate for Clari. Heap also evaluated Xactly, but found that the UI was more primitive. The team much preferred Clari’s UI, finding it user-friendly and intuitive, with the data easy to understand and work with. Heap saw value in Clari’s data visualization features, such as Flow and Waterfall. “It would take hours and hours in Salesforce to gain the insights the Clari surfaces easily.” Managers save time by no longer needing to ping their direct reports for updates on the forecast or individual deals. Instead of manually populating slides with data for QBRs and reviews, managers can easily use Clari to structure the conversation.

"Thanks to Clari, we now finally have a consolidated look into renewal pipeline. Accurately predicting renewals impacts cash burn, and it’s very important for us to monitor internally. With Clari, we have clean, easy visibility."

Stephen Haltom
Senior Manager, Revenue Operations, Heap

Achieving Revenue Precision With Clari

Strengthening customer success and renewals

Clari has strengthened Heap’s renewal process by spotting risk and creating resiliency, thanks to visibility into deal expiration and one source of data acting as a single source of truth.

Clari drives conversation around accounts that are churning or at risk. It helps create accountability around adoption, relationships, and any missed steps in retaining a customer. Clari anchors the conversation between account management and customer success to work in tandem and expand accounts.

With Clari, Heap has a consolidated look at late renewals, which helps with cash flow. “If we can predict or accurately forecast renewals, but half of them are late, that impacts cash burn and is important for us to monitor internally.”

Quick time to value

Heap saw value with Clari within the first couple weeks of adoption, as they trained the sales team on developing a forecasting methodology. By creating a shared taxonomy around forecasts, upsides, and tagging deals, Clari helped the sales team get their house in order.

Clari helps Heap mitigate revenue leak, or revenue that has been earned but not captured, by making it easier to identify deal slippage. With clean, easy visibility, the team can pivot on late renewals and focus efforts on accelerating priority deals.

Simple UI connecting all users

In addition to finding Clari’s UI a main differentiator when selecting a revenue platform, the intuitive user experience speeds adoption across all revenue-critical employees and gives executives an easy glance into the revenue process.

The CFO and CEO are in Clari constantly, Haltom says. Being detail-oriented, Heap’s CEO Ken Fine frequently relies on the opportunity grid to understand key deals. Fine told Healtom that Clari’s UI stood out to him, calling it ‘very intuitive, well-designed software.’

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