Case Study

WealthEngine Improves Sales Efficiency and Tracking with Groove

WealthEngine boosts sales productivity by 60% and activity tracking by 50% all while achieving 100% adoption across multiple teams

About WealthEngine

The industry’s premier wealth intelligence SaaS provider, WealthEngine fuels wealth-aware campaigns to empower its clients to discover their next best prospect to drive growth. Fueled by its proprietary wealth and lifestyle signals, WealthEngine enables 3,000 marquee customers to measurably improve their personalization and effectiveness across fundraising, capital campaigns, marketing, segmentation, and overall engagement with their audience.

The Full Story

More than 3,000 clients across non-profit, luxury, financial services, and other sectors rely on WealthEngine to better understand and target ideal prospects for their products and services. WealthEngine had been relying on SalesLoft’s sales engagement tool to sell into these organizations and maintain profitable relationships, but they were struggling with extremely low adoption among its AEs and renewal reps. While its BDRs were using the tool, not all of their activities were being tracked because of integration issues between SalesLoft and Salesforce.

The Highlights

WealthEngine’s proprietary wealth intelligence services help more than 3,000 organizations optimize engagement with ideal prospects. WealthEngine’s own sales team had been relying on SalesLoft for sales engagement, but issues with activity tracking, usability, and connectivity with Salesforce led them to look for a platform that would better integrate with its tech stack and drive higher adoption among account executives.

WealthEngine quickly narrowed the field to Groove as the only enterprise provider offering native Salesforce integration and a user-friendly interface that could be easily customized for its SDRs, AEs, Renewal, and Finance teams. Since switching to Groove, WealthEngine has eliminated data sync errors with Salesforce, achieved 100% adoption across teams, and increased the productivity and effectiveness of its sales and customer-facing teams. Check out the video testimonial and Full Story below to learn more.

Issues with SalesLoft Adoption and CRM Integration Hit Breaking Point with COVID

The impact of low SalesLoft adoption and incomplete activity tracking was made even more severe when COVID hit and forced all of WealthEngine’s SDRs, account executives, and renewal reps to work remotely. At that point, WealthEngine had been struggling for over a year to re-implement SalesLoft in hopes of fixing its data integration and activity capture issues. The pandemic and added complexity of managing a remote sales team prompted them to abandon the unfruitful effort and find a sales engagement platform that would integrate seamlessly with Salesforce and maximize adoption across its revenue teams.

“When I joined WealthEngine in 2019, I began looking at how the components of our tech stack could all play better together, and I quickly realized how disconnected SalesLoft was from Salesforce,” said Khris Fenton, VP of Revenue Operations at WealthEngine. “With SalesLoft, many of our BDR activities weren’t getting logged, and on the AE side, we were lucky if they logged in more than once or twice a month.”

Fast Implementation and Time-to-Value with Groove’s Salesforce-Native Platform

In evaluating potential replacements, Groove quickly made it to the top of the list. As the only Salesforce-native platform, Groove’s offered the seamless CRM integration WealthEngine was looking for, as well as a quick implementation and roll-out.
“We needed a platform that could be implemented super quick, had rapid time-to-value, and wouldn’t leave us drowning in an implementation, which I know would have happened if we went with Outreach or someone else,” said Khris.

With Groove, we went from our first conversation to implementation in under a month.

Khris Fenton, VP of Revenue Operations at WealthEngine

Overcoming Logging and Data Sync Errors 

Groove’s native Salesforce integration also solved the persistent activity logging issues and data sync errors that WealthEngine was experiencing with SalesLoft. Prior to Groove, WealthEngine was only able to log emails sent through SalesLoft cadences, which meant email replies to a rep’s Gmail weren’t getting into Salesforce. Similarly, SalesLoft wasn’t able to capture any calendar events that weren’t created through one of its cadences.

“With Groove, the number of errors has gone down dramatically when it comes to logging activities,” said Johanna Wezwick, Sales Operations Analyst at WealthEngine. “With everyone being remote, it’s really important that we’re capturing all the activities to make sure that everyone is doing their outreach, renewals, or prospecting.”

Groove also solved the issues that WealthEngine had with data not being synced properly between SalesLoft and Salesforce, which resulted in some contacts existing in one system but not the other. With contacts split across two systems, it was virtually impossible to create a cohesive campaign. Managing duplicate contacts was also time-consuming, as it required identifying who owned them in SalesLoft versus who owned them in Salesforce.

“Because SalesLoft and Salesforce didn’t speak well together, there were times when if data was changed in Salesforce, SalesLoft wouldn’t be able to find it,” said Johanna. “For example, if two contracts were merged, SalesLoft would have trouble finding the new contact, which would result in errors.”

100% Adoption Across BDR, AE, and Renewal Teams

The easy administration made possible by Groove’s native-Salesforce integration wasn’t the only draw for WealthEngine’s Revenue Ops team. Another big selling point was Groove’s ease of use and customizability to support different workflows for its BDR, AE, and Renewal teams.
“Most companies looking for a sales engagement platform are focused on BDRs and net-new pipeline generation, whereas my primary focus is empowering our AEs,” said Khris.

We saw right away that Groove’s simpler implementation would actually benefit our AEs by giving them a Swiss Army knife that allowed them to go beyond simple prospecting.

Khris Fenton, VP of Revenue Operations at WealthEngine

WealthEngine’s BDR and Renewal teams quickly adopted Groove as well to take advantage of its ability to bring CRM data into their inboxes and to automate time-consuming processes, meeting scheduling, and multi-step message flows. After realizing these benefits across its sales teams, WealthEngine began giving licenses to other teams.

“We have found value in giving Groove licenses to non-quota-carrying people,” said Khris. “For example, our Finance Team uses Groove to help with receivables. When a customer emails them, they can look up CRM data in the Groove Omnibar to quickly see important details about the account, like whether they’ve missed a payment. Next, we’re looking at rolling out Groove to our higher-end professional services team working with larger customers.”

Native Salesforce Integration Drives Time-Saving Automation

Groove’s Salesforce native integration enabled WealthEngine to automate a number of processes that have had a significant impact on the efficiency and productivity of its revenue teams.

It’s 2020, and automation is key for a lot of things, and Groove makes that possible.

Johanna Wezwick, Sales Operations Analyst at WealthEngine

“That’s one of the main reasons for moving off of SalesLoft,” said Johanna. “They kept telling us they could do different types of automation when in reality, they couldn’t – and with Groove, we could.”

For example, Groove’s support for custom objects enabled BDRs and AEs to automatically generate an opportunity by putting an intro meeting on the calendar. Before, reps had to fill out 10 to 15 fields in Salesforce, and now they can create an opportunity in a three-click process.

“In the past, the reps would send out an invite, then create an opportunity, and then create an event, log them together, and then assign it to a rep,” said Khris. “When I talk to my AEs, they don’t know how they could go back to a world where they had to create an opportunity manually every time.”

Streamlining Renewal Management by 60%

When COVID hit, WealthEngine restructured its Renewals team, which meant that reps went from managing 200 renewals a year to 500. Prior to Groove, each renewal rep had their pipeline and sent out renewal emails one by one. Now the reps use Groove’s automated message flows to send out the renewal emails, which has streamlined the process by 60% while still providing excellent customer service.

We’ve created an auto-renewal process with Groove, where Groove automatically sends out messages when a renewal is coming up.

Johanna Wezwick, Sales Operations Analyst at WealthEngine

“We tried to build the same process in SalesLoft, but we weren’t able to, which speaks to the advantage of Groove being tied to Salesforce,” said Johanna.

By automating the sending out of renewals and making it easy for reps to see who to contact and when, Groove has enabled WealthEngine to manage the process in a much more scalable way.

Comprehensive Activity Capture Improves Visibility and Reporting

WealthEngine’s struggles with activity capture became even more acute when COVD-19 hit. With all of its sales reps transitioning to remote working nearly overnight, sales leaders were no longer able to have informal conversations around the office to gauge how sales teams were doing and identify potential issues that could be hidden by incomplete sales activity data.

“Covid has put more stress on our sales data and reports,” said Khris. “Since we can’t see what’s going on with our eyes and ears, we have to rely on what we’re seeing in Salesforce. With SalesLoft, not all of our activities were being tracked, and that’s a big problem. I can’t rely on any of my metrics if I don’t have confidence that what’s taking place is actually being logged.”

One of the major issues with SalesLoft was its inability to log emails or events that weren’t part of a SalesLoft cadence. Groove’s native Salesforce integration and background sync ensured that every email and meeting was logged, regardless of how it was sent or created. Since implementing Groove, the average number of activities logged per rep has gone up by 50%.

“Thanks to Groove, we are in a much better place than we were before,” said Khris. “Having complete activity data creates a lot more opportunities for us to optimize, shift course, and identify when things are going well or not. COVID made us learn how to fly without seeing anything and only trusting our instruments, and that’s only possible because we can now rely on the data.”