Case Study

Fortune 50 Bank Gives Field Sellers their Fridays Back

Bank achieves 20% productivity boost; Groove was the only sales engagement platform to pass 80+ rigorous security requirements

The Full Story

With a $70B market cap and customers in all 50 states, this Fortune 50 financial institution offers a diverse suite of financial products, tools and services for business owners, including credit cards and banking products and services. This institution had implemented Salesforce to support hundreds of field sales reps, but it was struggling with low usage and adoption. One of the major challenges was that its field service reps had established workflows that didn’t include Salesforce, and they were resistant to changing them. Another inhibiting factor was the effort and time required to manually log emails, calls, and other sales activities in Salesforce.

Due to its low Salesforce adoption, field sales reps weren’t taking advantage of Salesforce data to improve sales outcomes, and sales leadership wasn’t able to get an accurate, real-time view of daily sales activity and performance. Even for reps who were logging activities, the tedious task took one full day a week to complete – time that could have been spent selling and serving customers.

The Highlights

One of the world’s largest financial institutions had implemented Salesforce to support its sales teams, but it faced a challenge of low usage and adoption by its field service reps. This lack of adoption meant field sales reps weren’t taking advantage of Salesforce data to improve sales outcomes, and it also prevented sales leadership from getting an accurate, real-time view of daily sales activity and performance.

In response, this institution began looking for a sales engagement platform that could effectively capture sales activity in Salesforce and accelerate productivity, but that search was complicated by some very limiting criteria. Any platform they chose needed to be easy enough to use to drive adoption and secure enough to pass 80+ rigorous security requirements. After evaluating the leading sales engagement platforms, Groove stood out as the only provider that could meet its demanding criteria.

Since implementing Groove, this institution has sustained a 90+% adoption rate among its AEs since the roll-out. Even better, Groove’s automated activity capture and streamlined workflows are saving reps 20% of their time per week to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Finding the Ideal Solution in Groove’s Salesforce-Native Platform

This institution knew it needed to find a solution to drive Salesforce adoption and increase rep productivity, but any platform it implemented would need to be easy enough for its reps to use, flexible enough to adapt to established workflows, and secure enough to pass 80+ rigorous security requirements.

After evaluating the leading sales engagement platforms, this financial institution quickly singled out Groove as the only provider that could meet its rigid requirements. Groove’s Salesforce-native platform was key to meeting its security requirements while providing the flexibility to adapt to the workflows of full-cycle sellers who were responsible for prospecting, selling, and growing accounts.

“When choosing a sales engagement platform, Groove stood out for its security, people, and feature set,” said a digital product manager responsible for supporting the institution’s sales teams.

Other providers either weren’t able or willing to meet our security requirements, and with Groove we could keep our data stored on our servers.

Digital Product Manager

“The less information I have saved on another provider’s server makes a huge difference,” the digital product manager continued.

Driving 90%+ Adoption Among Field Service Reps

By implementing Groove as a managed package on Salesforce, this institution was able to automate activity tracking in Salesforce across emails, calls, and other engagement types. Instead of waiting two hours for data to sync to Salesforce, all activity data tracking is now done in real time. This ensures that reps are always accessing the most relevant and up-to-date information. Now, reps are able to focus on building relationships and driving revenue without having to worry about setting time aside for manual data entry.

“Groove has changed my business!,” said a VP of Commercial Card. “Anyone in sales knows that with all of the prospecting that we do, logging our information is the last thing that we are worried about. We want to be efficient with our time, and logging information does not convert to deals. Groove has allowed me to become so much more productive during my day.”

Since implementing Groove, this institution has completely transformed its reps’ adoption of Salesforce. As a result, sales leadership has the visibility and insight it needs to optimize their sales strategy. Having more complete activity data has also led to more accurate sales forecasts.

We have sustained a 90% adoption rate across our field sales reps. They used to spend one day per week updating Salesforce, and Groove gave them their Fridays back.

Digital Product Manager

Flexibility to Support the Varied Use Cases of Full-Cycle Sellers

Equally important for adoption, Groove’s Google integration has brought Salesforce data into Gmail, enabling field service reps to view, edit, and add Salesforce records from the inbox. By bringing Salesforce data into each rep’s existing workflows, Groove has removed barriers to adoption. Now, whether reps are focused on prospecting, selling, or expanding their accounts, they can easily use Groove to access relevant Salesforce data where they spend most of their time – their inbox.

One of the big advantages of Groove’s native integration with Salesforce is the ability to customize views based on role, so users see the most relevant Salesforce data for each contact or account. As a result of Groove’s industry-leading configurability, this institution has been able to improve Salesforce data access for multiple sales teams with different workflows and requirements.

“It’s really rare that you roll out something that is going to give more transparency into how a salesperson works, and they actually love it,” said the product manager. “It’s helping them organize their days and prioritize their work, and take advantage of all five touchpoints – email, LinkedIn, phone, direct mail, and in-person.”

Award-Winning Support and Long-Term Partnership

This institution needed to find a sales engagement platform that had the most robust security and relevant feature set, but they also wanted to partner with a provider that they could trust to provide outstanding customer service. After having a bad experience with an inflexible and unresponsive account team at their prior provider, Groove stood out for the quality of its people.
Groove differentiates from other partners we have worked with by their outstanding customer support and focus on providing solutions for their customers.

Head of Product Operations

“Our experience working with Groove has been extremely positive,” continued the head of product operations.

This institution initially rolled out Groove to a couple of divisions, but word of the successful partnership quickly spread through the organization, and now the relationship has expanded to several additional lines of business.