Case Study

Fortune 100 technology company increases meetings booked by 64%

Fortune 100 technology company increases meetings booked by 64% with RevShoppe and Groove


  • Overhauled inbound process in 60 days (66% faster than other platforms)
  • Increased meetings booked by 64%
  • Improved click rate by 56%
  • Increased reply rate by 37%
  • Boosted MQL to SQO Conversion Rate by 2X

The Highlights

A network intelligence subsidiary of a Fortune 100 conglomerate needed to scale its inbound lead qualification process post-acquisition. Its qualification team was struggling to keep up with a high volume of inbound leads due to an inefficient inbound process. They were drowning in volume, which led to inconsistent response times and missed opportunities. The company partnered with sales engagement strategy consultancy RevShoppe to optimize their inbound process with Groove to improve response time and increase conversion rates from MQL to SQO. Because Groove is Salesforce native, RevShoppe was able to skip their typical quarter-long operational audit and subsequent quarter-long systems optimization and move immediately into the Strategy phase of their program. Within 60 days of kicking off their partnership, RevShoppe designed and implemented a new process that increased meetings booked by 64% and the client’s MQL to SQO Conversion Rate by 2X.

The Full Story

After being acquired by a Fortune 100 conglomerate, a network intelligence company soon found itself drowning in inbound demand. They did not have an efficient process in place to handle the large uptick of inbound leads they were receiving.

The team working on inbound leads simply could not keep up with the volume, which was a situation ripe for workflow automation. Missed opportunities were flying out the window. Even worse, the other teams lacked vital information about the inbound process and effective handoff. It was time to do something about it before sales dipped.

Finding the Perfect Fit 

The company had selected Groove as their sales productivity platform, and they knew that they weren’t using it to its full potential. After an extensive evaluation, they selected RevShoppe as their sales engagement strategy advisory to help them identify areas for growth and optimization, starting with the inbound workflow.

With some process and system optimization, we knew we could get them to a point where they could respond to inbound leads faster while creating more opportunities and an optimal buyer experience.

Patricia McLaren, Co-Founder & CEO at RevShoppe.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Manage 

With most sales engagement platforms, implementation timeframes for large enterprises can take between three and six months. To make matters worse, the systems aren’t always implemented correctly, which can cause significant operational pain down the road. This is why most RevShoppe engagements typically start with an operational audit to identify and fix what might be hindering performance from an operations perspective. The foundation must be strengthened before a strategy or workflow is implemented.

Because Groove is Salesforce native, RevShoppe was able to skip its typical quarter-long operational audit and subsequent quarter-long systems optimization and move immediately into the Strategy phase of the program, bringing immediate value to their clients in a short period of time.

The process 

RevShoppe ran an inbound process performance audit and found that they were functionally underutilizing Groove. They discovered that the company wasn’t leveraging Groove’s inbound automation capabilities effectively and that their inbound Flows were riddled with overdue actions. To solve this, they first created a readout of all of their findings and recommendations to help the company prioritize which optimizations would lead to the most immediate impact to their inbound process. RevShoppe then rolled up their sleeves to create automation, reporting, and governance to effectively manage the leads that were coming in.

Messaging strategy is at the core of RevShoppe’s expertise, so focusing on Flow optimization was key. Working with sales and marketing, they created a “tiger team” that meets biweekly to define an aligned messaging strategy. After the new master Flows were created, they held a messaging workshop to train the qualification team on their new workflow and strategy in order to execute properly.

The training was really powerful for the reps to learn about automation. Now, they’ve saved so much time because leads are automatically routed to a Flow.

Patricia McLaren, Co-Founder & CEO at RevShoppe

“All they have to do is come in and start executing on tasks labeled as Actions, rather than manually creating and adding them individually to Groove as they were doing before,” said Patricia.

RevShoppe also created a “Groove Playbook” to help new reps quickly become Groove proficient and comfortable with the standard processes that were created. Paired with the training and playbook, the qualification team finally had the automation and messaging strategy they needed to operate at peak performance, with a roadmap and enablement for future reps to hit the ground running quickly as well.

Big Results

Once RevShoppe launched the new program, the results were immediate. Connect rate more than doubled within the first month, and MQL to SQO conversion rate increased by two times compared to the period before the program. 

This is what we saw in terms of success: 56% increase in click rates, 37% increase in reply rates, and a 64% increase in booked meetings, which is really exciting if we think about all of the new inbound direct hand-raisers that were coming in.

Patricia McLaren, Co-Founder & CEO at RevShoppe

RevShoppe was able to create an automated and scalable inbound process with Groove that puts the Inbound team in position to handle an even higher MQL volume they previously were not engaging.

The Future

Together, RevShoppe and the network intelligence company plan to continue working together to improve lead scoring, qualification handoff, a content operating model, and outbound strategy.

About RevShoppe 

RevShoppe works strategically and tactically to meet the new challenges of the rising Sales Engagement space. We custom-tailor programs to align your tech stack to your unique sales motions, powering your success via Diagnosis, Optimization, Engagement, and Execution. Unicorns and Fortune 500 companies – including Segment, Expedia, Adobe, Cisco, and IBM – rely on RevShoppe for strategic direction to increase revenue.

About Groove 

Groove is a sales productivity platform that enables revenue leaders to boost revenue-per-rep across every division of the enterprise. Groove automates administrative tasks and makes Salesforce easy to access and update from everywhere a seller works – in the office, at home, or on the road. Whether it’s creating repeatable playbooks or using AI to synthesize complex data into actionable insights, Groove empowers sellers to operate at peak performance. More than 70,000 users at customers including Google, Uber, and Capital One leverage Groove to be more efficient and effective.