Case Study

Auberge Resorts Collection Boosts Sales Visibility with Groove and Amadeus/Delphi

Big Wins

  • 100% visibility into Group Sales activities
  • Hours saved weekly with automated activity capture
  • Improved volume and quality of follow-up with automated Flows
  • Standardized messaging with marketing-approved templates

About Auberge Resorts

Auberge Resorts Collection manages a portfolio of extraordinary hotels, resorts, residences, and private clubs. While each property is unique, all share a crafted approach to luxury and bring the soul of the locale to life through captivating design, exceptional cuisine, innovative spas, and gracious yet unobtrusive service. Founded in 1998, Auberge Resorts Collection owns 23 one-of-a-kind hotels and resorts across the globe.


The Highlights

Auberge Resorts Collection manages a portfolio of luxury hotels and properties around the globe that provides guests with exceptional service and accommodations. Delivering excellent services also extends to its sales teams, and that’s where they were struggling. Auberge Resorts Collection had been relying on Amadeus (formerly Delphi) in conjunction with Salesforce to manage client relationships, but they had limited visibility into their reps’ day-to-day sales activities. When Auberge Resorts Collection started the search for a sales engagement platform that could improve visibility without disrupting their reps’ workflows, they found few options that would work effectively with Amadeus. Groove stood out as the only sales engagement platform that could integrate seamlessly with its sales tech stack.

Today, Groove’s automatic activity capture gives sales management the visibility it needs, while also giving reps access to customer data and the ability to update Amadeus right from their email inbox. Groove’s automated messaging and templates are also enabling reps to scale their follow-up with marketing-approved content. As a result, reps are saving multiple hours each week in productivity gains while generating more opportunities through increased scale and consistent messaging.

The Full Story

Auberge Resorts Collection relies on two specialized sales teams to manage customer relationships, prospect into new accounts, and book group events and individual stays for its collection of luxury resorts and properties all around the globe. The Group Sales team is responsible for booking business meetings, weddings, and other events at its larger properties. The Leisure Sales team focuses on booking vacation packages for new and returning customers.

The Group Sales and Leisure Sales teams manage customer relationships and bookings with the Amadeus Sales & Event Management Suite, formerly known as Delphi. Built on, Amadeus has a UI tailored specifically for hospitality, while extending Salesforce’s capabilities to manage bookings and contracts.

Visibility and Productivity Challenges

Auberge Resorts Collection needed more visibility into the sales activities across its teams, but it was struggling to get its reps to enter sales activity and customer data in Amadeus. Not only did this hamper sales leadership’s ability to manage their teams, but it also robbed reps of valuable context that could be used to maximize loyalty and upsell opportunities.

The Group Sales team also needed a more efficient way to send out and follow up on marketing promotions and lifecycle communications. Group Sales reps were spending a lot of time manually following up with promotions and events, and sales management had little visibility into the effort and success of those activities.

Auberge Resorts Collection knew that any solution to these challenges needed to integrate tightly with Amadeus and Salesforce. Moreover, it needed to be easy to use and fit seamlessly into their reps’ workflows.

Groove Provides Seamless Integration with Amadeus

Auberge Resorts Collection chose Groove for its ease of use and Salesforce-native architecture, which enabled it to work seamlessly with Amadeus and other industry-specific versions of Salesforce.

Because Groove and Amadeus are both built on, Auberge Resorts Collection’s SalesOps team was able to avoid a heavy administrative burden in terms of both initial implementation and the ongoing maintenance that would be required with other sales engagement platforms.

Groove also met all functionality requirements. Groove’s automatic activity tracking, email inbox integration, and workflow management enhanced visibility into rep’s activities and helped sales managers gain valuable insights into each seller’s day-to-day. Equally importantly, the reps found Groove easy to use and adoption quickly took off as a result.

Our reps are used to working in Amadeus, so we thought it would be difficult to introduce a new system. If a task takes a rep away from selling, they don’t want to do it, but with Groove sitting in our reps’ inboxes, it couldn’t have been easier.

Ymelda Cuello, Senior Analytics Manager at Auberge Resorts Collection

Gaining Insights into Reps’ Activities

Auberge Resort Collection’s top priority was to increase rep productivity by improving visibility and optimizing their workflows. With Groove, they are now able to manage opportunities more effectively by tracking important customer information and setting up Flows to nurture relationships and book return visits. This capability is particularly important for the high-value event contracts managed by the Group Sales team.

Group Sales reps rely heavily on the data captured by Groove to sustain these high-value opportunities. With sales activities being tracked back to Amadeus and Salesforce automatically, reps have immediate access to valuable customer data to better nurture relationships and ensure that important steps aren’t being missed.

“Before Groove, emails and other activities weren’t getting into Amadeus,” said Ymelda. “With Groove, we finally have visibility into what our reps are doing, so we can better understand what promotions are working and not working, and make sure sales activities are getting into Amadeus.”

Boosting Productivity with Automated Flows and Templates

Before Groove, Auberge Resort Collection’s reps had to follow up on marketing promotions manually. Now, reps can take advantage of automated message Flows to reach out and follow up, which has proved to be especially valuable for high-volume, small-group leads.

Auberge Resorts Collection’s marketing department is also using Groove to improve the roll-out of new promotions to the sales teams. Now, marketing can create approved templates and Flows that sales reps can use to immediately follow up on promotions.

“Before Groove, there was a lot of back and forth getting marketing messages out to the sales team,” said Ymelda. “Groove has streamlined the entire process, which has enabled sales to get ahead of the game to follow up with customers faster and with more consistent messaging.”

From prospecting to booking to delivery, Groove has made our reps more efficient and productive. Best yet, we can now ensure that valuable opportunities don’t fall through the cracks.

Ymelda Cuello, Senior Analytics Manager at Auberge Resorts Collection

Customer Support Seals the Deal

Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture and compatibility with Amadeus may have got Auberge Resorts Collection in the door, but it’s the quality of Groove’s customer support that has enabled the relationship to flourish.

Groove’s customer support is the best support I’ve ever received,” said Ymelda. “If I ask a question, I have an answer within five minutes. I work with so many other systems, and nothing compares to Groove. Ultimately, if you save me time, you’re my best friend.

Ymelda Cuello, Senior Analytics Manager at Auberge Resorts Collection

Groove for Amadeus (formerly Delphi)

Groove is a sales engagement platform that improves productivity by automating time-consuming tasks such as email logging, outbound call logging, activity capture, and meeting scheduling without data latency or sync errors.

Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture makes it the ideal platform for organizations looking to integrate a sales engagement platform with a hospitality sales and event management platform like Amadeus (formerly Delphi).

Built for large enterprises with highly customized workflows like hospitality and financial services, Groove stands out for its industry-leading ease of use and flexibility. Teams can collaborate on accounts in connected workspaces, and admins can configure views and workflows by role or by team.