Keynote: The Future of Forecasting


Forecasting is the heartbeat of your revenue operations.

Watch as we examine the history of forecasting, the inefficiencies that continue to stunt growth, and how the rise of revenue operations is your key to future success.

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The Future of Forecasting Keynote

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Meet the Speakers

Andy Byrne
Founder and CEO

Kevin Knieriem
Chief Revenue Officer

Alyssa Filter
Chief Financial Officer

Amy Johnson
Chief Customer Officer

Welcome to the Future of Forecasting

Accurate forecasting is the heartbeat of your entire business and is no longer specific to sales. Every single department needs to take an active role in forecasting to secure the future growth of your business. 

Sales, marketing, customer success, finance, and beyond need visibility into business insights they can take action on—in real time. They need a best-in-class unified revenue operations platform.

In this keynote you’ll learn how Clari helps you effectively answer your most pressing revenue operations questions:

Will you hit or miss your quarter?

Mitigate risks and identify opportunities:

  • Triangulate your forecast call between you, your team and AI.
  • Allow for deep dive inspection of deals key to your quarter.

Do you have enough pipeline to hit your future goals? 

Get the visibility you need to align with marketing on pipeline goals: 

  • Create a single source of truth around the current pipeline.
  • Suggest the amount of pipeline needed to hit your goals based on historical data.

How well is your business driving net retention? 

Protecting your base; see and stop potential churn by:

  • View the top renewals for the quarter and where they stand.
  • Compare net retention and renewal rates across your territories/teams.

Are you filling whitespace across your accounts and products?

Upsell in your current accounts to drive growth:

  • Segment your current accounts by product to identify upsell opportunities.
  • Sort data by engagement type.

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