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How Fortinet Achieved 97% Forecast Accuracy with an Advanced Revenue Process

Fortinet is an international cybersecurity company that protects some 500,000 customers, including the world’s largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations. The company delivers the most security solutions worldwide.
As a large, complex public company, Fortinet’s leaders wanted to enhance sales efficiency and boost forecast accuracy for consistent growth. They knew the first step meant achieving a more aligned and mature revenue process across sales, marketing, and customer success. To do so, Fortinet partnered with Clari.

Now, Fortinet leverages Clari to standardize data, optimize processes, support enablement, and empower collaboration to yield even better revenue outcomes.


  • Connect all data sources and platforms to gain a single view of revenue performance across teams.
  • Gain insights into buyer behaviors, resulting in strategic, consistent actions toward hitting quota.
  • Get visibility into expected revenue early in the quarter to proactively stay ahead of risk.


  • Establish a shared source of truth to improve data hygiene and real-time visibility into deal progression.
  • Achieve strategic, data-driven, and consistent sales execution— along with higher and more predictable close rates.
  • Gain better, earlier risk assessment based on historical data to improve forecast transparency and accuracy.
To reliably grow your business, you need processes that empower your revenue team’s success with training, technology, and insights. For Fortinet, Clari is essential to our enablement equation.

Enzo Fullone
Director of Sales Operations, Fortinet

How Fortinet Advances their RevOps Program with Clari

Leveraging the Revenue Operations Maturity Model

Fortinet knows that simply having a revenue process in place is just the beginning. That’s why the cybersecurity leader measures their progress using Clari’s Revenue Operations Maturity Model.

A fully mature revenue process aligns people, data, and processes to accomplish shared goals across all go-to-market teams, including sales, marketing, and customer success.

With the maturity model, Fortinet is on the path to implementing their strategic growth initiatives throughout their entire organization—from the boardroom to the front line.

Today, Fortinet enjoys the results of a highly mature revenue process.
Here’s how they did it.
Standardized data and platforms

Fortinet uses Clari to centralize their data, align on KPIs, and run their forecasting process within a single system.
With accurate analytics from Clari, Fortinet layers artificial intelligence on top of their RevOps platform to gain new insights into the outlook for the current quarter and quarters ahead.

Optimized forecasting processes transform insights into action

Fortinet leverages advanced forecasting capabilities within Clari to gain next-level insights into future performance. Harnessing historical trend analysis and tracking expected forecast percentages in Clari helps Fortinet accelerate their growth.

With trustworthy, predictive insights early in the quarter, Fortinet understands likely performance, empowering the revenue team to make smarter decisions and take more effective action.

Getting ahead of end-of-quarter outcomes also means Fortinet can confidently plan ahead for the next quarter, with accurate data to:
  • Inform capacity planning
  • Identify opportunities to reinvest in the business
  • Better understand where to allocate resources
  • Deliver accurate reports to executive leadership and shareholders
Clari helps us improve our data quality. The better our data is, the better our conversations and coaching sessions are at every level— from managers and reps, all the way up to our executive team.

Matt Schwartz
Vice President of Global Sales Operations, Fortinet

Improved sales execution, enablement, and coaching

For the team at Fortinet, regular and ongoing training for everyone on the revenue team is a critical foundation of their RevOps program.

It’s one thing to have accessible revenue data—it’s another to ensure everyone on your team is empowered to use insights effectively and consistently to achieve shared goals.

Truly aligned sales, marketing, and customer success teams

In addition to their sales and customer expansion teams, Fortinet’s marketing team and customer renewals teams use Clari to achieve new levels of cross-functional alignment and better revenue performance.

Now, each of Fortinet’s revenue-generating teams can forecast their success, stay ahead of risk, and drive net-new, renewal, and expansion growth with Clari.

Fortinet needed a technology partner that understands and supports our company’s long-term strategic goals. Clari is that partner. Clari’s with us every step of the way as we expand Fortinet’s global impact.

Enzo Fullone
Director of Sales Operations, Fortinet

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