Forrester Study: RO&I Drives Predictable Growth

Revenue Operations & Intelligence platforms help high-growth companies win more deals, retain customers, and expand into new markets.

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Recent global volatility, elevated shareholder expectation, and increasingly complex buyers’ journeys have put more pressure on revenue leaders to deliver predictable growth at scale. But manual processes, antiquated tools, and departmental silos continue to hold them back.

Revenue operations and intelligence tools allow companies to deliver a standardized and shared view of performance across lines of business, driving revenue optimization and forecast accuracy.

In this Forrester study you’ll learn:

  • How revenue operations helps companies achieve their strategic growth initiatives

  • Why developing your sales forecasting fundamentals are critical to success

  • The importance of revenue cadences and operational metrics

  • Why it’s time to upgrade from spreadsheets and manual processes

Discover how Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I) technologies, like Clari, help teams achieve new levels of visibility, orchestration, and alignment to achieve company-wide strategic initiatives. In fact, RO&I users reported improved win rates (59%), increased net dollar retention (53%), and quantifiable revenue benefits (69%). All this and more is revealed in the new Forrester study.

"Revenue Operations And Intelligence Platforms Deliver Predictable Growth," a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Clari