Get the most out of your next board meeting

In The Executive's Guide to Successful Board Meetings, Clari’s CEO, Andy Byrne, reveals his step-by-step approach for maximizing board meetings. Avoid common pitfalls and get strategies that transform these sessions into your most impactful meetings of the quarter. 

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Turn your board meetings into a strategic powerhouse
(not a routine update) 

Inside you’ll find… 

Why the meetings between the meeting matter (and how to make the most of them) 

The three most common mistakes that will lower the value of your board meeting

How to activate debate and introduce tension to get high-level critical thinking from participants 

How to own your role and command the room in board meetings

When to use “open” sessions and when to use “closed” sessions 

How to build detailed pre-reads to structure a winning board meeting

When to dive deeper into strategic topics to address urgent issues

A proven follow-up framework to keep momentum post-meeting

How to avoid surprises with proper preparation

Start running powerful board meetings.

Take charge of the most important meeting of your quarter.

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