At Clari, we’re a team of salespeople making tools for sales. We’ve been on both sides of those 1:1s (and gotten our share of backside kicks). So we built a system to help you run your sales team and improving manager/rep 1:1s is part of that passion. And we learn so much from customers — some of the best sales managers you’ll ever meet.

This e-Book is what we’ve learned about making 1:1s better ... more efficient ... more focused on closing deals. The first learning: one size doesn’t fit all. Great sales managers lead in many ways — playing to their strengths ... and understanding where natural tendencies leave them vulnerable.

To embrace different styles, we talk about five personal styles:

  • Data Wonks
  • Road Warriors
  • Improvisers
  • Best Practice Promoters
  • Magnetic Managers
You and we know this is a wild simplification and most people are a combination, but you’ll probably see yourself more in some profiles than others. 


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