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Robert Tri
SVP, Americas Sales & Business Development, Cognite

At Cognite, we’re laser focused on helping our customers achieve maximum business value as soon as possible. With Clari Align, our customers can directly engage to provide feedback and iterate on the exact Mutual Plan steps that will result in their organizations accelerating their time to business value with Cognite Data Fusion — our Software-as-a-Service Industrial DataOps solution for asset heavy industry leaders.

Jeannine Crispino
VP, Customer Success, 6sense

At 6sense, customer success is central to generating recurring revenue. To drive smooth renewals, we needed the visibility, predictability, and alignment that Clari provides. Today, we can better deliver mutual value to our company and customers.

Amit Walia
CEO, Informatica

Clari empowers us with the trusted insights we need to understand if we’re on pace to meet or exceed revenue goals. Early indicators provided by Clari enable us to move swiftly on critical decisions.

Ann-Christel Graham
CRO, Talend

As a CRO, the most important role I have is driving a repeatable, consistent and predictable business. Clari has brought great transparency, as well as predictability to our revenue process.

Dan Jacobs
Global Vice President, Sales Operations, Finastra

When that type of system is implemented, it changes the way work is done on a daily basis. Clari is a great example that’s delivered an immediate impact for sales leaders and sellers. Overnight, spreadsheets disappeared. Now 500 sellers across the world are running their forecast out of Clari. The entire revenue process has been elevated with Clari.