Case Study
Databricks Says Goodbye to Revenue Leak by Closing 169% More Slipped Deals

Databricks, a lakehouse architecture platform for data and AI, is one of the fastest growing software companies of all time. An 80% jump in revenue run rate in 2022 and a $1.6 billion Series H round closed in 2021 rank them as the ninth most valuable startup in the world, according to CB Insights. A key to their success: the Clari Revenue Platform. The Databricks revenue team uses Clari to proactively identify and fill gaps in upcoming quarters, focus time on deal strategy, win more slipping deals, and gather invaluable insights to help reps own their territory.

Challenge: The forecasting process wasted time and limited growth

Every go-to-market team in Databricks faced untenable forecasting in spreadsheets. This method was error- prone and time-consuming, with hours wasted just to achieve a level of visibility that still left details hidden. As pipeline velocity grew and seller headcount skyrocketed, Databricks leaders knew they needed a more scalable solution.

Solution: Create a precise forecasting process with Clari

Revenue leaders at Databricks use Clari to compare each team’s call to Clari’s call, the forecast deal stage and AI-powered CRM score. They can star opportunities that make up the commit number, explore slipping deals, and override a rep’s call in order to get the most accurate forecast possible. This new process builds trust from top to bottom and exposes any gaps, strengthening the whole business.

"We use Clari to have more intelligent forecast conversations, especially when we look further out. By looking at historical trends, we can extrapolate where we’ll be going forward. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have Clari."

Jules Gsell
RVP of Growth and Start-Up Sales Orgs, Databricks

Results: Revenue growth through better planning, selling, and coaching

Informed planning:
Now, Databricks’ revenue leaders have the data they need to build a powerful plan for upcoming quarters. If they notice a pipeline gap for the next two quarters, leaders can activate pipeline generation programs well in advance to close that gap.

Rescued deals:
With Clari, Databricks has seen a 169% improvement in win rate on deals that might have slipped (aligning to 13% in won revenue) and a 19% decrease in slipped deal rate.

50% time savings on forecasting:
Thanks to their new, easy-to-use, and trustworthy source of truth in Clari, reps, managers, and leaders can refocus the hours they used to spend in spreadsheets on higher value activities like deal strategy and pipeline generation.

Managers have instant, accurate deal insights that they can use to coach reps on the aspects of each deal that will help them close more business and hit their quota.

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