Case Study
How Couchbase’s CFO and CEO Use Clari Daily to Run Revenue

Couchbase, a publicly traded software company that provides a cloud database platform, has been a Clari customer since 2019. As they’ve grown their Clari usage, Clari’s Revenue Platform has become a key resource for C-suite and frontline sales teams. Greg Henry, Couchbase’s CFO, says management consistently uses Clari to run the business effectively.

Using Clari to Tie the Business Together

Clari isn’t just for frontline sales managers and reps—the leadership team uses Clari to gain full visibility into the business. “The CEO and I are in Clari regularly,” says Henry. "It helps us understand the business regarding deal activity, by region, different product types, and different customers."

“Since becoming a public company a year ago, and even before that, Clari has helped me think about how to understand the business and tell an organizational story better. Clari gives me insights. I use Salesforce to approve deals, and see deal specifics, but I don't get the broad picture of what's going on in the business,” says Henry.

“You can't set a forecast and then just expect to show up at the end of the quarter and deliver. It just doesn't happen. It's got to be a constant and regular part of the process. It’s me, it's the CRO, the Sales organization, the Customer Success team, Deal Desk and Finance.”

"Clari has become a key partner upon which we rely to run the business.”

Greg Henry
CFO, Couchbase

AI Insights

Clari’s predictive analytics helps leadership and the sales organization understand where the business is going to land. From an earnings perspective, it helps Henry understand how he should be thinking about the story around the results. “Clari gives me a sense of the range of possibilities and reality,” says Henry. “Over time, we've seen where the field likes to be conservative, and Clari’s AI helps us cut through that and understand where reality might be.”

Giving the CEO Complete Business Visibility

Clari helps instill confidence in Couchbase’s operating plan. “Our CEO’s feedback on Clari is that it's a good way to visualize the business,” says Henry. With Clari, Couchbase CEO Matt Cain can easily get a solid understanding of the business with complete visibility into all its moving pieces. “We've really gotten accustomed to the different views and tabs that are provided there that come standard with Clari.”

Henry says he spends the most amount of time in Pulse and a customized dashboard. “It helps us drive the rigor in the process to have all this information there. It gives us great confidence that there's rigor, that the sales organization is running well, and that we should be able to deliver on what we're forecasting.”

“I couldn't see us reverting back to what we were using before we adopted Clari. We'd have an arm tied on our back trying to run the business. Clari is a key operating partner that helps us as a growing public company.”

Greg Henry
CFO, Couchbase

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