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Clari Copilot boosts your sales performance in 3 ways

Move deals forward

Move deals forward

Reps get real time cues and battlecards to overcome even the hardest-hitting objections.

Coach at scale

Coach at scale

Managers get alerted for high-impact coaching moments that define deal outcomes, like pricing hurdles, competitor mentions, and more.

Replicate winning behavior

Replicate winning behavior

Execs get insurance that their strategic initiatives are being used, like standardized sales processes, messaging, and methodology adoption.

Happy customers and real results

I think any growing company requires a tool like Clari Copilot. It gives us visibility on what's happening in the company—across sales, pre-sales, or customer success.
Nirmal George
Sales Enablement Executive, Chargebee
Copilot is great for employee training. I really like the analytics and the general interface. But what really makes Copilot amazing is the real-time coaching ability.

Ben Green

VP Operations, Oktopost
Copilot helps us really understand our customers. Be it for fine-tuning product features or doing internal research, Copilot gives us a fountain of impactful customer insights to use.
Matthew Johnson
Senior Product Manager, Panther Labs

Power productivity with Clari’s latest RevAI features.

Conversation intelligence infused with GenAI.

Ask Clari

Ask Clari in Copilot

Trying to remember details from your latest call? RevAI can track down the info. All you have to do is ask. Quickly get up to speed on the most important discussion topics using Ask Clari. Type a question into Ask Clari’s chat interface, such as, “What were the key pain points the customer identified” or “Did the customer mention competitors?” and get your answer right away.

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Smart Chapters

Copilot’s Smart Summaries are a great way to get a rundown of a call. But what if you want to dive into exactly what was discussed on a specific topic? Who wants to play back their call on 2x speed just to identify when that topic was covered? With Copilot’s Smart Chapters, you can see exactly when call participants discussed certain topics, all timestamped for easy skimming. Skip the chit-chat and get right to the good stuff. 

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AI Chapters
Conversation feed

Smart Feed

Aggregate snippets from calls and meetings into a single social media-style feed. Fully customizable to meet the needs of your team. For example, if you’re a revenue leader, you might want a feed detailing closed deals or upsell opportunities. Whereas if you’re on the customer success or account management team, a feed itemizing customer reactions to new features makes more sense.

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