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Love the automatic cue cards that pop us as soon as the word is heard in the conversation. Really helps me be comfortable with all product features.
Apoorv Tiwari, Solutions Consultant, Chargebee

Copilot is great for employee training. I really like the analytics and the general interface. But what really makes Copilot amazing is the real-time coaching ability!
Ben Green, VP Operations, OktoPost
AI insights and real-time coaching cues are my favorite things about the platform. Having non-recording users be able to look into the conversations for coaching and rep development is fantastic.
Robert M, Director of Business Development, Fervor

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Breaking news—prospects do like know-it-alls. Make sure your reps have all the answers ready and waiting with Copilot's real-time sales battle cards.

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The best sellers don't waste time on small stuff that doesn't move the needle. Instead, they put all their focus on things they can control: Their Effort & Their Attitude. Copilot by Clari can help sellers upskill so that they focus their Effort & Attitude in the right places.

Nick Cegelski
Founder, 30 Minutes to President's Club

From sales calls to sales performance, improve everything with Copilot.

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Stop fumbling through call transcripts to find mentions of that competitor. Start searching through an organized call library with Copilot.

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Knock, knock, it’s scalable coaching

Get alerts for high-impact coaching moments that define deal outcomes, such as pricing hurdles and competitor mentions.

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Accelerate skill development with game tapes

Sharing tribal knowledge has never been easier. With game tapes, you can create a library of all the good, bad, and ugly bits of sales calls.