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Clari Copilot helped Profit reduce ramp time by one-third

Profit is a best-in-class OKR software integrated with task, performance management, and employee engagement directed toward 360-degree organization governance for accelerated growth while maintaining the best work culture. With OKRs, there is a world-class task management system for ensuring on-time delivery and a powerful performance management system that enables timely reviews saving thousands of hours in the employee review process.


Challenge: Building a repeatable rep onboarding process

As a growing company, Profit is focused on ensuring efficient sales rep onboarding and training. When they first began to look for a conversation intelligence tool, they wanted to make sure that their reps were ramped up effectively without spending a lot of time on coaching and training.

Sales coaching at Profit is majorly handled by managers and Clari Copilot helps them significantly by freeing up crucial bandwidth. They can delegate some parts of training to the platform so that reps can onboard themselves to a certain extent.

Solution: Recording the sales process on Clari Copilot

The sales process at Profit typically consists of a detailed discovery, a possible POC and negotiation discussions before closure.

Having the entire sales process recorded on the tool then allows Profit to onboard new reps and train existing reps.

Ajay Joshi, Enterprise Account Executive at Profit, got onboarded in exactly the manner Profit intended. “I got a tremendous amount of insight from Clari Copilot when I was being onboarded,” says Ajay.

There are primarily two ways in which Profit has improved their onboarding process with Clari:

  • Before a rep is completely onboarded: As Ajay spoke of, new reps get a lot of insights from the tool – product knowledge, how to deal with objections, the type of questions clients usually ask, and how sales reps deal with these in a very effective manner. This is before they start taking demos.
  • After the rep gets on the floor: Ajay says that he still gets a lot of benefit from Clari Copilot, primarily from a notes perspective – what are the next steps, what are the timelines, what are the questions that were asked, are there any blockers to this deal? He derives all of these insights from Clari Copilot. “My capability to take effective notes during a discussion is very low. I think it's something I could improve, but since we have a copilot, we don't really work on that.”

Happy to take that load off your shoulders, Ajay!

Results: Reduced ramp time and effective coaching

Profit has more than 500 demos conducted by different reps in the company in Clari Copilot today. Whenever Profit onboards any rep, they give them access to Clari Copilot and to all the demos.

“We then conduct a weekly touchpoint with the manager where we see how good or how effective the rep is after going through some of these demos and what kind of coaching they need to make sure that their talk tracks and keywords are in place.” - Ajay Joshi

There's a heavy reliance on Clari Copilot when it comes to training the reps on the flow of the demo—from showing all the features effectively to addressing common objections that they face from their clients.

Profit has seen about a 33 percent reduction in ramp time because they are using Clari Copilot effectively.

As a result, the tool frees up a lot of time for Profit’s middle managers. Instead of coaching and training their reps and taking them through the intricacies of the job, they're able to point them towards Clari Copilot and focus on the larger deals, which also reflects on the revenue footprint.

The journey so far with Clari Copilot

Overall, Clari Copilot has helped Profit to capture and record insights from sales calls and train reps effectively.

And Ajay’s very kind with his feedback for Clari Copilot: “My experience with Clari Copilot has been really good. It's been really effective in terms of adding value to sales workflows here at Profit.”

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