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Clari Copilot is “mission critical” for PartsBase

PartsBase operates the world's largest B2B online parts locator service for the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. PartsBase members do over 51,000 part searches a day and receives over 2.8 million page views a month. The membership is over 7,600 companies strong and usage spans over 200 different countries and is growing.

PartsBase strongly believes in sales enablement as a discipline. They see it as a way to make their sales team and sales organization more effective—not only in their ability to generate business opportunities, but also to effectively articulate the value of their solution to customers.



Given the focus on sales enablement, Partsbase wanted the ability to participate in every single conversation that takes place between their sales organization and their customers. They wanted to see how sales executives were navigating different scripts or conversations and which topics were being covered.

Another reason why they needed call data was to correlate the quality and content of those conversations with different performance indicators. For instance, the number of deals that a particular executive or team was closing by month or the effectiveness of those deals were important performance indicators for them.

Finally, with all the data in hand, Partsbase wanted to see if they could identify trends which would ultimately tell the story of which sales executives were successful versus those who needed more training.


“Clari Copilot participates in our sales funnel from day one—the initial contact we try to make with the lead till the day that the deal is closed. All of those conversations are analyzed and recorded on the CRM through Clari Copilot,” says Rodrigo Garcia, VP, Chief Technology and Transformation Officer at PartsBase.

PartsBase uses Clari Copilot's API to pull all data that Clari Copilot generates—calls, transcripts, analytics and the scorecard information—and bring it into their data lake. From there it goes to two places:

  • It goes back to their CRM so that anyone in the organization can go to a particular call on Clari Copilot to look at the transcript or any other metrics.
  • It is used to create a sales performance dashboard. They aggregate all the information based on individuals and teams, and the leaders look at different aspects of the teams’ performance. Eg: how different sales people are conducting calls, the ratio between monologues versus actual conversations, or how they're engaging the customer.

PartsBase’s sales process isn’t very different from that of most other SaaS product companies. They get hundreds of leads coming in every week. From the minute a lead makes it into the system and the team tries to make the first contact, Clari Copilot comes into the picture.

Since Clari Copilot is already integrated into their CRM, any conversation that is recorded and analyzed by Clari Copilot makes it into the CRM. Then it goes through the funnel until it becomes an actual opportunity. This means the team always has the ability to go back to the Clari Copilot recording and see the quality of the conversation at any stage of the funnel.

Clari Copilot also enhances the team’s ability to have good conversations with their customers by giving them the opportunity to measure the ratio between IVR calls and video calls. PartsBase has identified that sellers leaning more on video calls versus IVR calls have better conversations with customers and close deals faster.

Meanwhile, the conversational intelligence aspect of Clari Copilot is helping PartsBase accelerate their sales by providing detailed analysis of sales calls. By going through this analysis, leaders can easily see if a sales executive is covering all the elements they are supposed to, like next steps, value proposition, etc.

“We hundred percent rely on Clari Copilot's data to tell a sales executive, ‘Hey, you're doing a good job!’, ‘we need to improve here’, or ‘these are the trends that we want you to continue using as part of your customer interactions,’” says Rodrigo.

He also mentions that it's extremely critical for them that their people know when to use a specific argument or specific messaging around their value proposition, and that Clari Copilot helps in that regard as well. He provided a couple of examples:

  • A sales executive using battlecards like an assistant when having critical conversations with customers.
  • Once a sales executive achieves a level of proficiency, or even excellence, creating curated game tapes out of their calls for the rest of the team to learn from.

Finally, another area where PartsBase gets a lot of value from Clari Copilot is onboarding new sales executives. The tool is part of their onboarding program for new sales executives where they are asked to spend a lot of time on Clari Copilot, watching curated game tapes.

“For us, Clari Copilot is mission critical because we use it on a daily basis to coach our people. We look at Clari Copilot data every single day, both in the CRM and our sales performance dashboard.”

Rodrigo Garcia
VP, Chief Technology and Transformation Officer at PartsBase

Results: Significant time saved for all revenue-critical employees

“We have definitely seen better chances of closing those deals, not only faster, but with a greater value for us and for the customer,” says Rodrigo.

Having all their data in a single dashboard has made it easy for managers to get together with sales executives every day to look at their previous day’s performance. They can quickly review things like:

  • The content of the sales conversations they had
  • The keywords and the topic the conversation was focused on
  • The average number of questions in a call
  • The talk to listen ratio for AEs

The managers can then score the calls and set the plan for the day. This process, which would have otherwise taken up a significant chunk of everyone’s day and may have even been impossible on a daily basis, has become a lot simpler and faster due to Clari Copilot.

“Aggregating information from Clari Copilot is a huge time saver for us. We don’t have to go to different systems to look at different pieces of information or to look at the performance of a salesperson or sales team.”

Another benefit that PartsBase appreciates, Rodrigo told us, is that dashboards and information is available to sales executives as well. This gives them the ability to see for themselves how they are performing at any given time during the day. Having a leaderboard spurs the competitive nature of sales people and they actively look at recordings of top performers to improve their own performance.

So, would Rodrigo recommend Clari Copilot to his peers? Here’s what he said:

“Before we decided to get into a partnership with Clari Copilot, we looked at some other solutions in the conversational intelligence arena. The one thing that I can tell you is that in terms of cost and value proposition, Clari Copilot is a solid investment with tangible return. Overall, it has been a great experience working with the Clari Copilot team.”

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