Case Study

Clari Copilot helps Outplay expand their business by understanding customer expectations better

Outplay is a multi-channel sales engagement tool that helps reps book more meetings. Outplay’s sales engagement tool has a number of features to make the sales process easier for reps—multichannel outreach, outbound sales automations, prospect tracking, reports, and more.


Challenge: No way to deep dive into sales calls

Not being able to go back and deep dive into sales calls was one of the major challenges Outplay was facing before Clari Copilot. They wanted something to record all customer conversations so that they could share them with their tech team and make product improvements quickly.

While they considered doing this via Zoom recordings, there was a problem. With Zoom recordings they had to go through the entire recording of a call to see where exactly an issue came up.

Challenge number two was training new hires. With the entire sales leadership being busy, it became hard to focus on regular training sessions. They needed something to speed up the onboarding process and make it more efficient.

Solution: Close tab on customer conversations with Clari Copilot

After Clari Copilot was implemented, call reviews have become a regular occurrence at Outplay. Calls are reviewed to understand how customers feel, which is then relayed back to the team.

Outplay also keeps a very close track on churn discussions using Clari Copilot. For example, if a customer asks for a downgrade, the team gets on a call with them to discuss why they want the downgrade. Then, there is a huddle to review the call to understand the points that the customer has raised. Brainstorming on what they can do better to minimize churn becomes a lot easier because the feedback comes directly from the customer.

Another way Outplay has benefited from Clari Copilot is with game tapes. They have created different game tapes for different situations. For example, there is a set of onboarding game tapes with previous customer onboarding sessions. All new reps have to do is go through those clips to know exactly how to handle onboarding calls. Game tapes are also made for QA training sessions, which cover troubleshooting and are very vital to Outplay.

“We have specific topics that we have created within Clari Copilot, so we look at those to understand what objections we are getting on a regular basis, what discussions are happening around employees or any features,” shares Ahaan Pandit, Senior Customer Success Manager at Outplay.

Results: Time saved in every front

As Ahaan told us: “Clari Copilot saves us quite a bit of time. All our sales calls are recorded on Clari Copilot. So it's much easier to watch things ourselves in the CS team rather than ask our sales people about a deal when it’s handed off to us because their time is precious.

Another advantage of having all sales calls recorded, he says, is that once a prospect converts to a client, they can go through their sales calls to understand their expectations better.

Finally, he says that Clari Copilot helps Outplay identify customer intent. Having the opportunity to review and re-review calls lets them identify customers who are more open to expansion or upsell opportunities. Knowing where to focus their resources and energies for maximum benefit saves a lot of time and cuts down on major revenue leak.

“I would absolutely recommend Clari Copilot!” says Ahaan, mentioning that he has been vocal about Clari Copilot’s advantages to clients and prospects as well. “I've actually been recommending it to a lot of people. So generally when I join calls, the Clari Copilot bot which we have named Outplay’s Clari Copilot, also joins in and people ask ‘what is Clari Copilot’, ‘what does it do’? At that point, I say that I might miss something you say during the call, but because of Clari Copilot, I can go back and review the call, understand what your issues are and then solve them.”

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