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Oktopost relies on Clari Copilot to run its business

Oktopost is a B2B social engagement suite. They provide employee advocacy, social media management, corporate and employee branding, social selling, social listening, and social analytics solutions to over 3,000 global businesses worldwide.



One of Oktopost’s core tenets is being radically transparent. But without call recordings and transcripts, a significant portion of their sales and customer success was built on hearsay. So, they were looking for a tool to help them scour through emails, calls and non-phone conversations instantly to look for keywords and aha moments.

“Clari Copilot fit the bill perfectly. It’s helped us create a searchable archive of all our customer conversations so we can go back in time and find whatever we need to easily,” shares Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost.

Today, every customer-facing role at Oktopost uses Clari Copilot to record and transcribe their conversations.

Why Oktopost switched from Gong to Clari Copilot

The company was previously using Gong for call recording and coaching. However, they felt left out as Gong's features weren't aimed at growing businesses like theirs.

So, they started searching for a solution that was the best fit for them. That’s how they discovered Clari Copilot, which Daniel describes as a tool that “delivers constant innovation, easy access to customer support and complete transparency”.

“Besides the impressive culture and work ethic, we chose Clari Copilot because of the ‘real-timeliness’ of the platform,” says Daniel. “With Clari Copilot, the conversations get recorded, converted into text and analyzed in real-time. This, plus the pop-up suggestions (sales battlecards) during customer-facing conversations is super helpful for new recruits."


Listening tool for senior leadership

“Any chance that we get to bring Clari Copilot into a conversation—whether it's customer-facing or internal—we get Clari Copilot there. So, it’s a great chance for us to listen to conversations where we weren’t present, or to replay our conversations and identify room for improvement,” says Dave Kedzior, General Manager North America at Oktopost.

The duo share how Clari Copilot is crucial to fulfilling their responsibilities as senior leaders at Oktopost. “Without Clari Copilot, it’s impossible to do our job —keeping up with every single development in sales and customer success, giving shoutouts or positive affirmations (or both) to the team members who need it, and offering coaching tips and tricks to our reps,” shares Colin.

Besides this, Clari Copilot helps the senior management stay in the loop in every decision-making process. Since every call or session gets recorded, leaders can skip some sessions and catch up in future using the recordings and transcripts, without losing any context.

Better onboarding, training and coaching

New reps at the company record their calls and during onboarding, they listen to the recordings on Clari Copilot. The managers highlight specific bits and share them as snippets to convey insights on customer or prospect behavior. Hearing these snippets from the customer rather than a salesperson is a powerful add-on to the training process.

With Clari Copilot, Colin and Dave can listen to sales conversations asynchronously and dig into them to leave notes, comments or feedback on ways to improve. Sales coaching doesn’t necessarily mean scheduled sessions anymore, adds Colin.

“Clari Copilot’s team isn’t just looking to grow their profit. They really care about their customers and their success.”

Daniel Kushner
CEO at Oktopost


Oktopost raised $20 million during their last funding round. “Clari Copilot actually helped us during our fundraising process,” shares Daniel.

They were able to easily pick out the good pieces of feedback, highlight what their customers and prospects were thinking, and share externally. Having that searchable archive was an incredible advantage.

But even more, what stands out for Daniel is the experience of working with Clari Copilot.

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