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How Clari Copilot helps everyone at Harness improve their craft

Harness is a nonprofit fundraising technology company that was started in 2016 with the goal of making fundraising simpler, more pleasant, and more human. The company started with a simple question: if subscription business models were excelling in the for-profit space, why were their non-profit counterparts not adopting a similar approach? And subscription philanthropy was born.



Harness was in the process of scaling and adding more account executives. And as they scaled, it became really difficult to be able to sit in on every single demo and help identify exactly what challenges reps were going through.

“I found out about CI tools from one of my friends who mentioned they were using Gong. That's really what piqued my interest and I started looking into such tools,” said Matt Weisman, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Harness.

They did a demo with Gong but they found it to be overpriced, which encouraged Matt to do more research into other options. At the time, Clari Copilot had integrated with Pipedrive, which was one of the main reasons Matt chose Clari Copilot. Since then, Harness has switched to Salesforce and the integration has been even better.


Clari Copilot during sales calls

The sales process at Harness starts with a demo of the product. After that clients typically need an additional call to go over questions or concerns. And then there’s an onboarding call where they buy the product and then the team helps set them up.

Clari Copilot helps the team in almost every step of the process.

For example, Matt finds battlecards to be really beneficial for demo calls. In case the prospect mentions a competitor, reps get very easy access to cue cards and know how to combat those objections.

Topics and competitor insights also give Matt the ability to really see what prospects are saying about competitors – it allows him to know exactly why they use a certain product, what they like about it, what they don't like about it, etc. And then he uses his manager’s perspective to create different assets or collaterals to send the client afterwards.

One observation Matt has is that when he sees the same competitor and the same things being said over multiple calls, he knows exactly what their weaknesses are compared to Harness. And then it helps them create better assets after.

Another feature Matt appreciates is call scorecards, which he says is a “really cool, unique way” to grade demos. Reps can easily analyze what areas they need to improve on the most, which is very helpful.

Finally, Matt talks about the talk to listen ratio. Obviously the lower that is, the call is more of a conversation instead of a presentation, which is always good. That’s not all. It also helps Matt dig deeper into some of the problems. Eg: if somebody's talk to listen ratio is higher, normally that correlates to feature dumping or not taking the time to do enough discovery. There was no way for Harness to have these insights before Clari Copilot and such instances could lead to revenue leak and lost opportunities.

So I think Clari Copilot has really helped expedite that process. It allows us to look through recordings, through specific areas based on different topics or phrases people are saying. We weren’t using anything before Clari Copilot to address these challenges but now that we do use it, it's been really awesome and we really love it.”

Clari Copilot for call reviewing

Of course, Clari Copilot also comes with the ability to review sales calls. Not only does Matt himself go through the recordings, he also encourages his team to go through their own call recordings and also add them to game tapes.

Clari Copilot recordings now play a big part in helping people at Harness develop. Because, as Matt observed, sometimes a rep can feel that a call really went well. But when reviewing the call recording they notice a bunch of things the prospect said that they missed. And those things sometimes lead to the deal not going through. So the next time reps run into such a situation they are more aware of what’s happening and thus, what they should do differently.

Clari Copilot for sales training

Clari Copilot game tapes are now part of the training process at Harness. Before Clari Copilot, BDRs would go in and sit in demos. But if the prospect didn’t show up, the BDR’s time was wasted. With Clari Copilot, they don’t have to rely on the prospect’s availability.

How other teams at Harness use Clari Copilot

In addition to sales, Clari Copilot has been a valuable addition for Harness’s customer success team. For example in case of any conflict with a customer, the CS team can go back to the recording and confirm what was actually said.

Meanwhile, Clari Copilot basically helps their marketing team build assets. Matt makes it a point to share clips that might be useful for them, which they use to understand feedback.

“Clari Copilot really helps us collaborate better internally and helps us ensure that the messaging is clear throughout the entire sales process and the customer success process.”

Matt Weisman
Director of Strategic Partnerships at Harness


As Matt says, Clari Copilot plays a big part during the entire sales cycle, and makes governing the process much easier.

Additionally, while it was brought in primarily as a tool to help Harness’s sales team, Clari Copilot is now used throughout the organization to prevent revenue leak and manage the revenue process.

On being asked if he would recommend Clari Copilot to others, Matt had this to say:

“Yeah, I’d definitely recommend it to others! Clari Copilot is basically your sales manager assistant at the end of the day. It's something that can help automate your work not only when it comes to reviewing calls but also zooming in on the specific areas of the demo so you don’t have to watch all the fluff.

If you don't have a tool like this, the demo is gone once you’re done with the call and you can't really learn from it. But with Clari Copilot you can create a repository. So, it’s really there to help improve everybody's craft.”

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