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Clari Copilot helps Cledara understand their prospects better

Cledara is a software management platform that gives companies greater control and insights into their SaaS subscriptions. After experiencing the pain of managing software subscriptions first-hand, Cristina Vila, Cledara's Founder and CEO, decided to build a platform that was 100% focused on how people buy and manage the software they use to grow their business.

Rob Glickman, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Cledara, knew the value of having a conversation intelligence (CI) platform like Clari Copilot as he had used a similar tool at his previous company.


Challenge: Cledara needed a tool to train their sales reps and review calls

The key reasons Cledara wanted to use a CI tool like Clari Copilot were to easily train their sales reps, learn how reps were interacting with customers and prospects, review calls for quality, and understand prospects’ problems better during the discovery. 

Solution: Clari Copilot to build competency in the sales and customer success teams and to understand prospects better

Clari Copilot to coach reps

Cledara actively uses Clari Copilot to coach their SDRs and AEs to make sure they're following the script, critique calls and to share highs and lows in terms of discovery. Not only does the CI tool come in handy while coaching sales reps, Rob also uses it to compare the approaches of the success managers as they onboard new customers.

Having all of the customer-facing conversations recorded on Clari Copilot further helps Cledara to learn how our customers are using their platform and if they’re facing any challenges. 

Clari Copilot for call reviewing

When sales leaders review calls of SDRs, they're looking for how well they did the discovery, how well they followed up on cues from prospects, and how well they adapted to whatever the prospect said. 

Managers at Cledara also like to see how quickly and efficiently the demo is done. They have a certain time limit for our demos. The sales leader basically reviews the call to see the structure of the discovery demo call for each SDR. 

A key metric for Cledara is the talk time of reps – in Clari Copilot they can see this quite easily and compare which reps are talking more than others, maybe not allowing enough opportunity for discovery. And then they can compare stats for different reps at the end of the month – who's closing more deals and whose deals are churning more. 

This process gives the managers an idea about which salespeople have performed the best. They can review the calls of those high performers and look for some best-in-class examples to share with the rest of the team. 

Clari Copilot for deal handoffs

According to Rob, Clari Copilot is the perfect tool to help with handoffs. 

“If I see notes in the CRM saying, “oh, the handoff went like this and that”, I can check the call and see what they actually said. So that helps. It's not about catching people, but rather accountability and striving to constantly improve as a team,” shares Rob.

“I think of Clari Copilot as an accountability tool that lets everybody know what good looks like.”

Rob Glickman
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Cledara

Results: Increased accountability and transparency amongst team members

Rob says that when he thinks of a Clari Copilot, he thinks of accountability. The reps know that everything's being recorded in the spirit of constant improvement and team growth.

Whenever he finds good examples of how an AE prepares a prospect for the handoff – how they let the prospect know that a CS manager will take over their account and what the next steps are – he shares those snippets with everybody. This sends the signal to other reps that this is the standard Cledara is aiming for. And since it’s all on video, there's no discrepancy or misunderstanding.

What Cledara likes about Clari Copilot

One of the reasons why Cledara chose Clari Copilot was the free observers model. The whole company can benefit from it even if you have limited recording licenses. Rob thinks that's a really great feature as they frequently share Clari Copilot snippets on Slack when they celebrate a sale, an AE for closing a deal, or a CS leader for saving a deal.

Another one of Rob’s favorite features is the transcription feature – “You can just click on a certain part of the transcription to see the video.”

All in all, Rob thinks Clari Copilot is really easy to use, to pop in and watch a few tapes and leave comments.

Rob: When I think of Clari Copilot, I think of being very close to the customer. Whenever I think, “oh, I haven't seen a customer call in a while or I haven't heard from our customers”, I think of Clari Copilot right away. So I think that's the best thing — that you guys help us stay very close to the customer and better understand prospects to close more business.

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