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Clari Copilot helps Chargebee collaborate better

Chargebee is a recurring billing and subscription management tool that helps SaaS and SaaS-like businesses streamline revenue operations. Their product integrates with leading payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree and PayPal. It helps automate recurring payment collection along with invoicing, taxes, accounting, email notifications, SaaS metrics and customer management.


Challenge: Coaching reps effectively

One of the things that Chargebee is very particular about is rep proficiency—understanding what and how a rep does during a typical day, cycle, or on a monthly basis.

Clari Copilot provides them data for this very purpose. For example, Clari Copilot integrates with your email and fetches conversations from that platform as well. All of this data, along with call recordings is collated in Clari Copilot’s deal central. Therefore if a manager wants to look at which stage a deal is in, they can just go to deal central and look at what's happening with a deal.

Prasanna Narayanan, Senior RevOps Specialist at Chargebee, mentioned that when they first started using Clari Copilot, they had just one use case. That was for managers to review their reps’ call recordings and coach reps accordingly. For example, if they see that some of their reps were not following the script, they’d coach reps to do so.

Over time however, Chargebee has added many more use cases.

Prasanna gave an example of how they’ve started using Slack alerts to set up region-specific alerts—sending alerts to the managers of customer- facing teams and ensuring that they get to see how their reps are performing.

Nirmal George, Sales Enablement Executive at Chargebee, further told us that he was primarily using the tool to see transcriptions and call recordings. But now the use case has evolved for him. For example, the biggest hurdle for a rep is maintaining CRM hygiene. With Slack alerts and Clari Copilot’s integration with their CRM, Salesforce, he gets alerted if a rep doesn’t update the fields. Then he can nudge them to do so.

Solution: Clari Copilot Academy for coaching and onboarding reps

Prasanna says that they want managers at Chargebee to have Clari Copilot as their only source of reference for customer-facing calls when they have 1:1 meetings with reps to see their performance, gaps etc. Because Clari Copilot tracks their calls even if it’s through different systems.

Creating Clari Copilot's Academy, a specialized collection of recordings to train and onboard people that Nirmal and the Clari Copilot team built together, has proven to be really advantageous for Chargebee. For example, when a new rep comes onboard or when a new employee joins, Nirmal can give them access to Clari Copilot where new hires can go and listen to calls that explain how their tech stack works. Whereas previously, he’d have to do that personally, explaining how each tool works and how they integrate with each other. But now they’ve set up everything on Clari Copilot Academy.

How Clari Copilot helps Chargebee to create a collaborative environment

Sales teams work with a lot of other cross-functional teams. At Chargebee, for example, they work very closely with product marketing and customer success teams.

With Clari Copilot, all these teams have access to the customer voice, making it easier for them to understand product feedback or deal with escalations.

Chargebee really appreciates the fact that Clari Copilot doesn't charge people to listen to calls. There are a lot of teams that don't need any other Clari Copilot capabilities, they just want to see what kind of requests are coming in from different customer segments and regions.

“I would describe Clari Copilot as a manager's best friend. For Chargebee, it represents a buddy that you can have on all your calls. If you miss something during the call, you can always go back and listen to the recording.”

Nirmal George
Sales Enablement Executive at Chargebee

Results: Troubleshooting problems easily

According to Nirmal, any growing company requires a tool like Clari Copilot. Whatever happens at Chargebee is on Clari Copilot. It gives end-to-end visibility on what's happening in the company—across sales, pre-sales, or customer success.

Nirmal: Because Clari Copilot delivers an end-to-end experience, it becomes a favorite tool for the managers. They can easily track what a rep is doing and what they can do better. I think every company requires a tool that monitors all of this. It links to the efficiency of the reps and Clari Copilot is doing that perfectly for charge speed.

The journey so far with Clari Copilot

According to Prasanna, to have all the sales conversations recorded and have the ability to track what your reps are doing across different systems and if they’re even speaking to prospects or not is great.

For Nirmal, the deal central module was a game changer. It makes Chargebee their QBRs (quarterly business reviews) very easy.

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