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Call Playbook transformed their training and onboarding process with Clari Copilot

Founded in 2015, Call Playbook (Playbook) is an all-in-one management software for sports teams.

Call Playbook


As a growing team, Playbook had a lot of new sales people coming in periodically. And that meant that Sal Grasso, Director of Sports Partnerships at Playbook, would end up spending a lot of time and effort on training and onboarding them. They needed a better way to train at scale.

They began to look for solutions to help with sales onboarding and their CEO Josh Marcus found Clari Copilot online on Capterra. Incidentally, they also ran a free trial with a different company, Gong.

According to Sal, what stood out about Clari Copilot was that it wasn't very salesy. “Gong was very salesy and always trying to upsell, and charge us three times more in the next year, etc. Who wants that,” adds Sal. Plus, Josh liked the team at Clari Copilot better and the product was just as good, if not better.

Of course, as a small business, Playbook also took the price of the product into account. But not at the cost of the tool and features itself. They were looking for the best product at the best price. That’s where Clari Copilot was a total fit for them.


With Clari Copilot, Sal was able to onboard and train reps much faster.

“We record all our calls with Clari Copilot—the good, the bad and the ugly. I will usually go through the calls, especially for the newest reps, and leave notes for them to look back on. It's just an easier way to train people. That is really the main challenge that we’ve unlocked with Clari Copilot,” says Sal.

He adds that he now has so much more time for other parts of the sales process, including pipeline review, call coaching, and better performance reviews.

How they coach with Clari Copilot

The Playbook team usually coaches on calls just after their reps get off the call. Their reps might say “I had a really good call with this person” and will look back and save it. Sal will then share his feedback.

Clari Copilot for sales training

Clari Copilot game tapes are now part of the training process at Harness. Before Clari Copilot, BDRs would go in and sit in demos. But if the prospect didn’t show up, the BDR’s time was wasted. With Clari Copilot, they don’t have to rely on the prospect’s availability.

Better sales pipeline visibility

When a BDA finishes a demo call, Sal will listen to it to understand the prospect, how the call went, if the prospect seemed interested, and gauge the temperature of that potential deal. He shares that it really helps him paint a realistic picture of the sales pipeline and what the quarter is looking like.

“When you share the feedback right next to the context, we’ve seen better results in learning and improving sales performance.”

Sal Grasso
Director of Sports Partnerships at Playbook


With Clari Copilot, Sal no longer has to be hands-on during the onboarding process for SDRs.

“The last person that we hired as an SDR learned everything by listening to calls, watching demos, and reviewing the transcripts. I was able to onboard him much faster and more efficiently. Didn't have to put myself out of the game,” shares Sal.

He no longer has to spend his time sitting with his reps and reviewing calls with them. They can do it themselves. For Sal, that’s the main benefit of having Clari Copilot for sales training and onboarding. They have gone from spending a week onboarding reps to 1-2 days with Clari Copilot.

“I would definitely recommend Clari Copilot to any growing business that’s ramping up fast, both in terms of sales team members and revenue. For us, Clari Copilot has been indispensable for training and onboarding new hires. And there are so many use cases! I would definitely recommend Clari Copilot.”

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