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Clari Copilot helps Annex Cloud build better customer relationships

Annex Cloud is a leader in technology and service solutions that transform customer loyalty experiences for organizations, extending valued customer engagements, ultimately making beloved brands.

As a growing organization, it is important for Annex Cloud to be able to understand what their sales people are saying and how they're reacting during sales conversations.

According to Erin Raese, Global SVP at Annex Cloud, “Having a tool, Clari Copilot in this case, that allows us to capture what's happening on sales calls helps us train the reps better.”

Annex Cloud

Challenge: Training and coaching reps better

Annex Cloud wanted a way to show reps how seasoned sales people were handling particular calls and what was happening at each phase of the sales process.

Having a long sales process and a complex approach to solution and pricing also meant that Annex Cloud needed a way to see how new reps were performing. The organization also wanted to see if there was any way to simplify the onboarding process for new hires.

Solution: Recording conversations throughout the sales process

Since they sell to larger enterprises, Annex Cloud’s sales cycles tend to be longer (at least six or nine months long), which means multiple conversations with prospects. Having the entire process recorded on Clari Copilot enables Annex Cloud to onboard new reps much more efficiently.

Erin: We have entire processes recorded for new hires. They can understand through these calls that they can't make the sales quick; they have to go through certain milestones. They can then learn what's happening at each stage and how somebody before them has done it.

Erin further mentioned that from a manager’s perspective, the mobile app allows her to understand what reps are doing and train and coach them in real time. It also helps her to better understand the market and their customers’ needs.

The mobile app is practically her gym buddy now!

“We are able to prepare better, provide more guidance, prevent revenue leak, and overall work much more effectively toward closing more deals.”

Erin Raese
Global SVP at Annex Cloud

Result: Better coaching sessions and improved ways to help customers

As Matt says, Clari Copilot plays a big part during the entire sales cycle, and makes governing the process much easier.

Thanks to Clari Copilot, Erin now has 1:1 calls with her team members every week. She makes sure to speak more often to newer reps who need a little more guidance and support.

The process of reviewing calls is much faster as well. In Erin’s words, “Clari Copilot is the reference tool that makes all this happen.”

Apart from the sales team, the product, marketing, and demand gen teams at Annex Cloud benefit from Clari Copilot. The ability to share call recordings and snippets across teams is helping the organization be more considerate about their product roadmap, enhance enablement materials, and tackle customer pain points better.

All of this helps Annex Cloud build better relationships with customers.

The journey so far with Clari Copilot

Erin says that Clari Copilot is a tool Annex Cloud can't live without. As a leader, she can’t be part of every sales call. But with Clari Copilot, she can easily keep track of what’s happening on all sales calls.

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