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Clari Copilot gives AltiSales better control to handle multiple clients

AltiSales lives at the intersection of three industries – consulting, outsourcing, and venture capital. They work with clients to create a sustainable and scalable revenue engine that can later be brought in-house as the teams grow from a few SDRs to dozens of them.

Brendan Dodge, Sales Consultant at AltiSales, wasn’t new to the idea of using conversation intelligence (CI) tools before they started using Clari Copilot. The team was using Chorus previously, but were not satisfied with its performance.

“We were having issues with the notetaker popping in on the call and we were troubleshooting it on a regular basis towards the end.”

But having visibility into their outbound calls was crucial for AltiSales.


Challenge: Getting more visibility into their outbound calls

AltiSales runs cold outbound meetings for their clients. Prior to getting a CI tool, they would run into situations where the quality of the meetings were being questioned by the clients. To overcome this they implemented a CI tool (Clari Copilot, in this case) to get visibility into how their clients' sales teams were performing.

Before settling on Clari Copilot, Brendan looked into Gong and Kaia by Outreach. The capabilities that Gong provided were definitely interesting, however the price to value was a major factor for AltiSales.

Brendan: The value of both Clari Copilot and Gong was about the same, so Clari Copilot’s price point became a key differentiator. And I felt more comfortable working with your team. They ran a very clean, effective, transparent sales process and they were quick to answer all questions we had in regards to our partnership.

Tito Bohrt, CEO at AltiSales, felt the same way about Clari Copilot. According to Tito, the tool had competing functionality with every other tool and it worked very well for them pricing wise.

Tito: Clari Copilot was the easiest company to work with. It felt like a good partnership where we weren't going to be a tiny client for a huge company like we were gonna feel at ZoomInfo. It really felt like despite you getting acquired, you were putting a lot of good heart and effort into making us successful. So that's why we picked you.

Solution: Clari Copilot for coaching, onboarding and enablement

AltiSales now uses Clari Copilot for their account executives and clients' sales teams. The tool
allows them to provide coaching and enablement to their clients’ teams so that they are more aware of how to successfully run a cold outbound introduction call.

For onboarding new reps, Brendan has created a game tape library. After finding and clipping snippets, he puts those best practice snippets to their designated folder. So when new reps onboard, Brendan can direct them to the library where they can see how to kick off a call, what a customer story looks like, and how to properly ask for next steps. They can learn how other top performers within the company handle things and get more familiar with how to handle certain situations themselves.

“Clari Copilot feels like a really critical tool for our success. The ROI isn't immediate. It does take a little bit of human effort to go and review the calls and find the right snippets and do the coaching, but for a trainer it saves tremendous amounts of time. We really believe Clari Copilot is a key tool for our tech stack.”

Tito Bohrt
CEO at AltiSales

Results: Increased privacy and 50% reduction in time taken to create enablement materials

On the enablement side, Clari Copilot probably saves Brendan about 50% of time.

Before Clari Copilot, reviewing and scoring a call and looking for relevant moments to clip took Brendan about an hour. The process now takes him about 30 to 40 minutes (depending upon how long the call is).

“The speed and the volume of which I can generate clips has skyrocketed with Clari Copilot. Also, previously, I would go through a call and I would probably grab one or two clips just because of the amount of time it took to create clips. But now I can generate an indefinite number of clips just because of how easy it is to clip something up in a call on Clari Copilot,” shares Brendan.

How the role-based access control feature has increased security for AltiSales

One of Tito’s favorite features of Clari Copilot is the ability to have access controls for different users. As a sales development outsourcing agency, AltiSales has many early stage startups as clients who don't have any call recording technology in place. So rather than installing a CI tool seven different times, for example, and having seven different logins for himself and for each client, he can just have one big instance with the RBAC feature.

The clients can only see their own recordings, but Tito can see everybody's recordings in one place as a master admin. It also saves him a tremendous amount of time and makes it really easy to onboard users and to control what's going well and what's not.

“I can easily navigate from one workflow of helping one client to helping a different client. I would say that the RBAC feature is incredible for productivity and has been super helpful for my team, he shares.

For Brendan, the ability to create customized battlecards for a specific team is a wonderful feature. He loves the security, privacy, and flexibility that this new feature has given AltiSales. The added value through it has been substantial.

The impact of Clari Copilot for AltiSales

Tito: When I think about the investments in technology in a shaky economy, we need to make sure that the areas where we are putting our money are yielding a positive result. I never sacrifice our quality or the level of our service and be shortsighted about trying to cut a bad budget temporarily that could hurt long-term retention of clients or sales efficiency.

In this regard, he thinks Clari Copilot has been a great partner. It's the only way AltiSales can continue to build better sales processes internally and continue to help their clients build good sales processes.

According to Brendan, the value that you get in all the robust features on the back end and taking into consideration the price point of the platform, Clari Copilot is the best bang for the buck CI tool that he’s been exposed to.

“It also goes further than just the product, it's the people that have supported me on the backend of Clari Copilot. The customer service that I've been provided with has been topnotch. It was something I didn't even really consider. But now that I've been exposed to it, I'm beyond happy that I'm supported by a great team on the backend,” signs off Brendan.

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