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Alchemy Cloud: Clari Copilot helps us gather sales intelligence

Alchemy Cloud is a lab information management system for large research-driven material science companies. It helps organizations that make your shampoo, buildings, cars or your pharmaceuticals get the right data to the right people at the right time to help with their R&D pipeline.



Alchemy Cloud’s sales team was using products from Salesloft—both the Salesloft cadence tool and their meeting recorder tool to manage their sales operations. The team was very small, so that product was more than sufficient.

Then, as the company grew, they were ready to level up their process on the sales opportunity management side aka get a CRM tool. That drove them to look into other solutions as they wanted to move their sales ops to a platform.

They evaluated various tools in the marketplace. However, when they looked at Clari Copilot, they thought, “Wow, this UX feels so friendly, so intuitive”.

"Clari Copilot felt really thoughtful and the price was half or less of what other market leaders were charging,” shares Zachary Woods, Director, Sales & Client Development at Alchemy Cloud.


First and foremost, Alchemy Cloud is using Clari Copilot to capture relevant sales intelligence. 

That goes all the way from initial prospecting via outbound phone calls to when they’re fielding those final diligence-related questions from a customer. The entire process is recorded in Clari Copilot and analyzed for highlights and key moments.

The company is also using Clari Copilot to onboard new team members.

“When we thought of leveling up to have an internal outbound team – a BDR team – we wanted to make sure that we're leveling up on our own. Our sales motion information capture is not just about phone call recordings; it’s about knowledge capture and transfer. And with Clari Copilot, we can capture that knowledge and direct new reps to our game tapes or playlists of relevant topics,” shares Zachary.

“I'm really proud of the infrastructure we have today. We were thinking about some of these things before Clari Copilot. But Clari Copilot has really served as an operational layer to make sure that the things we've thought about can be reinforced.”

Zachary Woods
Director, Sales & Client Development at Alchemy Cloud


Clari Copilot for faster onboarding and training

When Zachary joined the organization, they had no documentation of what success looked like for the sales team. He really needed to reinvent the wheel and capture the definition of that success.

“If I hired new BDRs today, I think those people would have a 50 percent faster ramp period with Clari Copilot. One of the key drivers is that Clari Copilot documents what success looks like, and we can easily share that success with new reps,” adds Zachary.

With Clari Copilot, Alchemy Cloud also creates the opportunity to use onboarding as a sort of a reinforcement and knowledge transfer tool rather than one that just checks boxes.

For ongoing training, the company uses both synchronous and asynchronous learning. They have certain game tapes that are cataloged and have all the information new hires need to consume. And then they have game tapes for ad hoc training use cases as well.

How Clari Copilot benefited Alchemy Cloud

The key benefit of having Clari Copilot is that most of their sales motion isn’t left up to as much guesswork as in the past.

  • All of the information is cataloged, labeled and searchable inside of Clari Copilot. Right from the difference between an exceptional demo of the product versus a mediocre demo of the product, to what their customers are saying about them.
  • They now have a tool that allows them to see the difference between a get-to-know call, opportunity or success. They can really isolate and identify the things inside of the speed-date version versus the get-to-know version that help us be more successful.
  • The coaching and the reinforcement on what good customer qualification really sounds like is very valuable.
“Team Clari Copilot has done a tremendous job of really investing in their community of users. I have a lens for how we are making our customers feel about our product roadmap, about our features. And I think that Clari Copilot really sets the precedent for us to emulate that type of communication to our market segment as well,” signs off Zachary.

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