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Clari Copilot is critical for AccuLynx to onboard people faster

AccuLynx is the roofing industry’s first cloud-based software application designed to help contractors manage and grow their business. It’s packed with powerful features and easy-to-use tools that help streamline a roofing company’s processes, grow their profits and provide superior customer service.


Challenge: Training and onboarding new reps 

The main opportunities that Mandy Wagner, Head of Customer Success at AccuLynx, was looking to accomplish with Clari Copilot was finding out how competent her newest team members were when it came to applying the new approaches that she had taught them.

Before Clari Copilot, Mandy was manually pulling Zoom calls, looking at everyone's calls, trying to tabulate them in a manner that showed value. This was not easy. She couldn't search within those calls. There was a lot of guesswork involved.

“I went as far as asking reps to highlight calls they wanted me to review, and then I'd pick one at random. It was a lot of manual time with tons of spreadsheets, which I think my leadership was also exhausted by, obviously," she shares.


Using Clari Copilot's data however, Mandy can see all the calls for the day in one place and drill into any of those. It is light years ahead of what she was doing before.

“Clari Copilot points you right to the calls you need to look at. You can filter and create your own view of exactly what you want to look for and then you'll find it easily with this tool. You can get to your goals, into your churn indicators etc. quicker and easier,” shares Mandy.

Clari Copilot proved critical for call reviews in the following ways:

  • When Mandy’s trying to search for certain words that she wants reps to stop using.
  • Pointing out if reps are following key development moments.
  • Having the ability to give the reps specific examples – like how some other rep is handling a particular objection – for their development and dispelling any myths they may have.

New hires at AccuLynx start taking calls in about four weeks. They onboard a new hire into a pretty complex software, which the new hire then has to teach others in a month. The reps learn as they go and they use Clari Copilot to listen to each other's calls. Even managers are encouraged to listen to each other’s calls as a best practice.

“We celebrate the fact that somebody is spending the time to review calls and they're on the leaderboard for listening to calls and reviewing them,” shares Mandy.

With Clari Copilot, Mandy is also able to see when someone isn’t developing and uses the tool during their performance review.

“There's a cost of not having good data. I don't think you could put a time or a dollar amount to that cost of my sanity as a new director trying to direct a large team and not understanding what data I'm looking at and just seeing one data point.”

Mandy Wagner
Head of Customer Success at AccuLynx

Results: Clari Copilot helps to deal with revenue critical moments and communicate better internally

Mandy and her team are saving at least 10 hours a week with Clari Copilot.

“I think it has made me a better communicator. Internally, I'm able to defend and advocate for the needs of the department and the needs of the customer better,” she adds.

The number one revenue critical moment that AccuLynx tries to work with are competitor intel conversations, which happen throughout the customer journey. Along with the customer success team, AccuLynx’s sales team also uses Clari Copilot. So, the CS team has access to the sales conversations as well, and they know what the prospect's expectations were even before they had signed on. They can remind the customers why they bought the product and tell them about the problems that AccuLynx is solving for them. This helps dispel any myths regarding competitors.

The journey so far with Clari Copilot

Mandy thinks that Clari Copilot's a great tool because it speeds up time to value in both internal operations and with customers.

“The customer success support here really adds to the quality of the product. Why wouldn't you use a product like that if you could speed things up? Delays in that area cost a company money. So if you can find a tool that gets you closer to data-driven decisions, why would you not use it?” she signs off.

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