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Conductor Chooses Clari to Inform All Revenue-Critical Employees

“Clari helps a lot because it’s the one central hub of truth.”
Conductor is a search and content intelligence platform that helps marketers create and optimize content to improve visibility online. Trying to evolve beyond a mix of spreadsheets and create shared accountability, they adopted Clari to inform decision making across all revenue-critical employees – bringing Sales, Finance, Marketing and Customer Success into the centralized Clari Revenue Platform.
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The mix of spreadsheets Conductor was using to manage their forecast became unruly — and too big to keep control over and hold people accountable to. Spreadsheets also limited Conductor from operating their revenue processes with the level of rigor they desired. They sought seamless automation to take pressure off the Revenue Operations team and eliminate the frustrations of running revenue.


Based on CRO Tom Martin’s positive prior experience with Clari’s Revenue Platform, the team at Conductor decided to evaluate Clari to help run revenue. At Conductor, Revenue Operations and Finance are tied together through Brandon Cohen, VP of Global Operations and Financial Planning. Reporting to the CFO, Cohen is responsible not just for planning, but forecasting, productivity metrics, and tracking of sales metrics. Capacity planning is all melded together, and his team does analysis and reporting for customer, new business sales, and people ops reporting. “Clari helps a lot because it’s the one central hub of truth. From a financial perspective, being able to go in and see historical forecasts helps us report on what’s happening. Waterfall and Pulse allows us to have a better explanation to changes in business rather than trying to conduct analysis out of Salesforce,” says Cohen.


"Clari allows us to focus more on what action we should be taking rather than spend so much time on getting spreadsheets right."

Brandon Cohen
VP, Global Operations and Financial Planning


Achieving Revenue Precision With Clari

Uniting the business through the shared language of revenue
Clari is the cornerstone of the weekly forecast meeting with the CRO — but Clari’s usage doesn’t stop at Sales and Rev Ops. Marketing uses Clari for demand generation to understand the breakdown of marketing source opportunities. Now they can see what deals they’re contributing to pipeline — and see what opportunities they’ve influenced and quickly find targets they want to go after. The Marketing team also uses Pulse for AI-powered prediction on stage forecasting, previously trying to do it without a purpose-built solution.

Conductor’s renewal business is also in Clari, providing tight communication between Customer Success and Sales. “Having Clari as a single source of truth across multiple departments brings a level of trust to not just the data, but simplicity to our operations,” says Cohen.

Driving impact through predictable execution
Using Clari’s AI prediction helps Conductor plan finances accurately. “Clari is a good central place for reporting and visibility into key areas like pipeline management and forecasting. It makes things a lot easier. We get more adoption and ease of use from reps and sales leaders,” says Cohen. “It helps to have rolled up accountability – instead of going opp by opp, you can easily click through your opportunity list and understand what communications have gone out.”

Clari’s Account Engagement feature also helps Conductor gain visibility into rep activity and allocate resources effectively. “Account engagement is critical for us because we want to ensure our named accounts and opportunities are being worked – and if they aren’t, we know to take action,” says Cohen. “It’s hard to roll those things up in Salesforce. In Clari, it’s very easy to pop in and get a complete view of account outreach.”

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