Case Study
How Clari Supports ComplyAdvantage from Lead to Renewal

ComplyAdvantage was founded in 2014 as a solution for anti-money laundering technology. They have grown rapidly, doubling their headcount from 2020 to 2022. As the company has expanded, so has its need for revenue rigor and governance. They were looking for a predictable, repeatable process that made it easy to share data with the board, leadership, and the rest of the business. According to Jonathan Fianu, Global Head of Revenue Operations at ComplyAdvantage, Clari makes the revenue process as “seamless as possible.”


In Fianu’s view, the revenue operations department supports the full commercial function, from lead to renewal. As a global team, partnership with all other departments within the commercial function is key. This includes revenue-critical teams like marketing, sales, customer success, and account management. Fianu’s primary focus was to gain insight into how revenue systems, processes, and data can work better together. He wanted to easily convey insights to sales leaders, executives, and frontline managers at a glance—which is a view Clari offers.


Clari plays a huge role in uncovering actionable insights to help commercial teams collaborate more efficiently. “We really focus on the systems, data, and processes within those departments,” says Fianu. “If they can work more harmoniously together, then those departments can more efficiently achieve the overall revenue goal.” On a weekly basis, Clari is the first point of call for the executive and the sales team to understand: are the deals expected to be in commit actually in commit? Says Fianu, “having a regular, repeatable motion with Clari provides a full circle where everyone understands what they are doing, but also why they are doing it.”

"In order to run revenue as a process, you need to build the muscle of forecasting into the organization. Clari is at the heart of running revenue as a process."

Jonathan Fianu
Global Head of Revenue Operations, Comply Advantage


White glove customer support:
As Fianu describes it, the customer support, success, and account management teams are stellar. “We have never felt more supported than over the last two years. That foundation allowed us to renew with Clari against a very, very, very, competitive landscape.”

Time savings and accountability:
From a rep’s point of view, forecasting is another manual task to do when they could spend that time selling. Clari makes it as seamless as possible. Accountability has soared, and visibility has massively improved.

VP North America forecast
Makes life easier for reps:
During QBRs, Clari is used as a retrospective for each rep. “Clari is tactile, user friendly, and visual. The value to reps really cannot be understated because it just brings the conversation to life.” Reps love how easy it is to get key information on every opportunity and view target and attainment goals.

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