Case Study
How Certinia Wins 9% More Often and 15% Faster in EMEA with Clari

Certinia accelerates business growth with customer-centric ERP, professional services automation, and customer success solutions.

Certinia has a huge opportunity to grow as they expand further into EMEA with their Salesforce native cloud ERP and professional services apps. The EMEA team is strategically structured to capture high-velocity business in new regional and verticalized markets. But their revenue process didn’t match up: it relied on static and outdated spreadsheets that burdened the operations team, produced inaccurate forecasts, left sales managers evaluating data instead of coaching, and allowed deals to slip. Certinia needed an efficient, reliable forecasting process and a digestible, actionable view of their CRM data. They’ve found both in Clari.

Certinia now has the critical data and smooth process they need to make smart decisions in new markets.

"Waterfall saves me an hour and a half every Sunday evening because I no longer have to sit down and track what moved in the week. I can just go into Clari and review it."

Peter Kerr
Sales Operations EMEA, Certinia

Certinia Adopts End-to-End Revenue Mindset with Clari

Laser focus on deal strategy:
Certinia frontline managers can dive into deal strategy with reps instead of waiting for spreadsheets to load or debating the accuracy of their data. They can focus on accountability, consistency, and strategy, immediately challenging a forecast that looks off. Clari pinpoints issues like lack of account activity, no engagement with the economic buyer, or competition that enters late–stage. The result? A 15% faster time to close and 9% increase in win rates.

Catch slipped deals:
Clari combines activity, historical data, and AI predictions into a powerful data hub, making slipping opportunities hard to miss. Certinia managers and reps get plenty of time to review warning signs and get back on track. They can see exactly when and how to act to save deals, contributing to the 9% increase in win rates.

Hone the ICP:
Certinia's EMEA team uses Clari to prioritize the right accounts. In Clari, they can see whether pipeline is coming from focus accounts. This enables managers to confidently speak to the state of the business to sales leadership, creating trust between the CRO and sales team.

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